Another Update To My Mille Miglia Navigation and Timing Notes For Rookies


Note:  These notes have been further updated.  To see these updated notes, see my post on August 24, 2016. 

As this year’s Mille Miglia rally is about two months away, I took the opportunity to update my notes about the navigation and timing required for the Mille Miglia.  Many of the competitors in the Mille Miglia are there for the first time and frequently have little rally experience.  As a result, I put these notes together to help those people understand what is happening and what they should be doing.  By knowing this there will be much less tension in the car and both the driver and the navigator will enjoy the event much more.

Start Control (2)

A Car At A Mille Miglia Rally Start Control

To see these notes just click on the pdf file below:

Mille Miglia Rally Notes Revision 3


Start Line (3)

Start Control

As noted, these navigation and timing notes were prepared with rookies in mind.  I have developed some further thoughts on the timing approaches and acquired a practice air pressure timing line with a 1/100 second clock to increase a team’s competitive prospects, but I think that these techniques are beyond the interest of rookie teams that I had in mind when these notes were prepared.


The Cars In The Mille Miglia Are Spectacular

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