The Wheeler Dealers Prepare For The 2016 Peking To Paris Motor Challenge

Later this year the Endurance Rally Association will be holding the 2016 Peking To Paris Motor Challenge.  Obviously, this rally is a major event and calling it a “motor challenge” is very appropriate.  The general route of the 2016 Peking To Paris is shown below.

Beijing-Paris 2016 General Route Map

Overall Route Of The 2016 Peking Motor Challenge

This event is well-known in the international rally community, but some high-profile entrants should help to expand the knowledge of the event throughout the broader automotive enthusiast community.  Edd China and Mike Brewer, the stars of the “Wheeler Dealers” television show are planning on taking part in the 2016 Peking To Paris Motor Challenge.  I hope that several of their shows will be dedicated to their participation in this rally.  It would interesting and informative.  With Edd China’s reputation of being a good car mechanic, I think that many people will be flagging Edd China down to have Edd help to fix their car.

Wheeler Dealers

Mike & Edd Visit The ERA Office To Prepare For Peking To Paris

In my Twitter feed today was a message showing Edd and Mike as well as Russ Malkin out on the road doing some filming for a show based on the Peking to Paris event.

Mike Brewer Edd China prepare For P2P

Edd China, Mike Brewer, And Filmmaker Russ Malkin Doing Road Preparations

This is a very positive development and I look forward to seeing how the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is presented on “Wheeler Dealers”.

For more information about the Peking to Paris event check out the website of the Endurance Rally Association at:

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