Rally Navigation/Co-Driver Equipment For Sale

If you have any rally navigation or rally co-driver equipment for sale or if you want to buy a piece of rally navigation equipment, then send me an email message with your advertisement (including a picture, if possible) at the following address:  shanna12@comcast.net     I will post your advertisement on this page.  Once you have sold your piece of rally navigation equipment, then let me know and I’ll delete the advertisement.

For Sale: Craig Hamm has the following rally books for sale:

The Road Rally Handbook, Clint Goss, 1993, over 300 pages of road rally techniques, tips, tricks, stories etc. $25

Rally Navigation, Martin Holmes, 1997, British book, stage rallying, lots of history, photos, and advice on maps, pacenotes, etc. Forward by Derek Ringer (1995 co-driving champion) $20

Driving Ambition, autobiography by Richard Burns, $15. RIP Richard.

Craig would prefer pickup in the Ottawa, Ontario area, but will ship if out of the area. Contact Craig:   ballyfingers at gmail dot com

Wanted To Buy:  Jim Garfield of Rhode Island is looking to buy a Brantz Retrotrip odometer.  Contact Jim at the following address: jngarfield at verizon dot net

For sale: Brantz “Laser 3” and a Brantz “Rally Timer”.  Contact Brian Jarvis at the following address:  bcwjarvis at mac dot com


Wanted To Buy: Mark Henderson is looking for either a Timewise 526B or 538B Odo/Clock unit for sale for his good rallye friend Russ Krashuaar out of Washington State for use in his vintage newly developed Saab 96.  Mark will take all contact info and pass it along if you or anyone you know of  has such a unit gathering dust someplace.  Contact Mark Henderson at:  markdhenderson at woway dot com

Timewise 538B Rally Odometer (1)

Mark Henderson Is Looking For A Timewise 538B

Wanted To Buy: Looking for an “Alfa Elite” rally computer.  Contact Brian Jarvis via email: bcwjarvis at mac dot com


For Sale: Max Sinclair wants to sell his Halda Mk IV Speedpilot.



Contact Max Sinclair at maxsinclair@aol.com


Wanted To Buy:  Mike Mazoway is in the market for a reader board, preferably one made by Stevens.  If you have one that you could sell, then contact Mike at mcmazoway@earthlink.net

For Sale: Tired of ties, sweaters and the same old “professional grade” do-it-yourself toolbox? Have your spouse get you this for Christmas.

HALDA Twinmaster II (TVM II)
Serial # 54503

Late model with the plastic housing and large digits.
Includes the installed set or gears and an aluminum mounting bracket. I may have a fitting T-gear also (contact me).
The buttons all work but If I’d keep it I would replace some of them for looks (they are available on Ebay also in a long version).











I will also list it on Ebay shortly with a buy-it-now of $1750 and a $1500 reserve.  Contact the seller at the following address:
harald at langsdorff kom

For Sale: Curta Calculators

Fernando Valencia Patron of Mexico has two Curta calculators for sale.  Rally people know the usefulness of these wonderful mechanical calculators to keep a rally car on time.  From the photos provided below, both of these Curtas are in excellent shape.  Both are the desireable larger Type II calculators.  One has the Serial Number 557460, while the other has the Serial Number 557471.  The asking price for each of these Curta calculators is $1,200US.  If you are interested, then contact Fernando by email at: valmatrix@hotmail.com

Serial Number 557460

Curta sale 1

Curta sale 2

Curta Sale 3

Curta sale 4

Curta Sale 5

Curta Sale Number 2

Serial Number 557471

Curta Sale 101

Curta Sale 102

Curta sale 103

Curta Sale 104

Curta sale 105

Curta Sale Number 1


For sale:  Halda and Aifab Rally Equipment

Jan Franken from the Netherlands has the following Halda and Aifab equipment for sale:

  • 1 Halda tripmaster, metal case  – 500 Euro
  • 1 Halda Speedpoilot , Mark IV   – 375 Euro
  • 1 Aifab Gemini 3 counter             -300 Euro
  • 1 Aifab 2 counter                              – 200 Euro

He also has a whole bunch of Halda T gears, l gears, and cables. – from 75 Euro and up.  In addition, Jan has 1 pulse generator for a VDO speedo, and electronic Halda Rally computer of the eighties.  See the photos below for some of this equipment.

Franken 1

Franken 2

Franken 3

Franken 4

Franken 5

Franken 6

To purchase any of these items or to answer your questions about these items, then you can contact Jan at   fran2221@planet.nl

Special Dashboard Watches For Sale

A rallyist and Heuer timepiece collector is selling one of his rarest rally timepiece sets.  David Scothorn is very knowledgable on Heuer timepieces and I contact him when I have a questions about Heuer clocks and/or stopwatches.  In addition to his interest in watches, David has an Austin 1800 that took part in the grueling World Cup Rally in 1970.  The watches that he is offering for sale are shown in this post.

a&f 001

These Heuer built watches are Abercrombie & Fitch branded early Heuer Mastertime and rarest fishtail Monte Carlo Timer.

a&f 002

The Mastertime time-of-day clock has the early 2-barrel Revue Thommen Cal 63 movement, the Monte Carlo stopwatch being by an A Schild 1666 movement.

a&f 004

These watches were manufactured in the early 1960’s era and many of them were used for car rallying.

a&f 003


Both are mounted on its’ original Heuer Swiss chrome backplate with slightly rounded corners and drilling for a P-light which is also supplied. An original unmodified backplate can be substituted if preferred.

a&f 005


a&f 006

Original instructions are included with the box n which David bought them.

David offers free shipping within the United Kingdom, with overseas shipping added at cost.

a&f 007

In view of the rarity of the pieces, David is seeking substantial offers around $6,000 (£4,000) and can be contacted by email ‘davidscothorn@hotmail.co.uk’ or ‘phone landline +44(0)1865 842920, or mobile +44(0)7768 758450.

For Sale:  Hald Twinmaster.  This is a new old stock unit that comes complete with original Halda box, mounting bracket, cable, clips , documentation and 1 T gear. See the photos below.  Asking 1450 Euro for it.  Contact Jan Franken, The Netherlands at the following address: fran2221@planet.nl

Franken TM (2)


Franken TM (1)


Franken TM (3)


Curta Calculator And Some rally Books For Sale

FOR SALE– Curta Calculator and rally stuff: 1967 Curta Type 2- serial 543138. Exc. cond. includes case, original carton and instruction sheets, all in good condition.
IN ADDITION- If you are interested at no extra cost, I will include- 6″ Stevens Rally Indicator [circular slide rule for indicating rally miles traveled vs car odometer reading], Larry Reid’s Rally Tables- 1961, and a book “Rallies,Trials and Gymkhanas”- 1956. These items are in fair-to good used condition. More photos available- contact me.
Price for all- US$ 1250.00 shipping included to US and Canadian addresses, Overseas shipping extra.
Contact- Paul Montgomery, Ontario Canada. pmonty10634@gmail.com


For Sale:

Steve Kramer has a complete Halda Twinmaster rally package for sale as shown on the following photographs.

Halda Twinmaster Serial # 05085

Halda Calibration Cogs

Halda Gears


Larry Reid’s Rally Tables

Steve wants to sell this equipment as a package for $1,400.  You may contact Steve at the following email address: kramer4806@gmail.com


















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  1. Massimo Snichelotto says:

    Good afternoon, I am interested in Halda rally computer.
    Could you offer it please ?
    Many thanks and best regards.
    Massimo Snichelotto

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