The Upcoming Absolute Zero and the Route Of All Evil Rallies

I got an interesting email this afternoon from Frank Beyer.  Frank is an excellent car rally competitor, nice guy, and further, Frank likes the put interesting rallies together.  So when Frank says that he is working on a couple of rallies for this year, then I pay attention.  The two rallies that Frank is working on are the Absolute Zero and the Route of All Evil.  The flyer below provides an outline and dates for these rallies.

At this time, I only know two things about these rallies – what is in the flyer and that I am going to try to compete in one or both of them.

For more information about these rallies, it is best to contact Frank as outlined in the flyer above.  If you have any comments about this post, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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Mille Miglia 2018: North American Entries

The organizers of the 2018 Mille Miglia have published the list of accepted cars and crews for the 2018 running of this prestigious event.  There are 450 entries that have been accepted.  Of these 38 entries have at least one North American in the car.  It should be pointed out that getting accepted into the Mille Miglia is quite an achievement in itself.  This year 725 cars applied to enter the Mille Miglia, but only 450 were accepted.  Note that in recent years the organizers have increased the number of accepted entries.

The Famous Mille Miglia Arrow

The 2018 Mille Miglia car rally will take place from May 16 to May 19.  The Mille Miglia will begin and end in Brescia, Italy.  The 2018 route is shown below.


As I noted before, it is difficult to get accepted into this event.  Many of the applicants have very prestigious cars.  The number of applications for entry always far exceeds the number of available positions.  The number of applications for every year since 2013 is shown below.

Annual Number Of Applicants To The Mille Miglia

Year Applications Countries Of Origin
2013 626 30
2014 619 35
2015 617 42
2016 665 40
2017 705 43
2018 725 44

As can be seen from above in 2018, 725 entries were received for the Mille Miglia.  Of those 725 applications only 450 were accepted by the organizers.

These applicants are made by people from all over the world.  The following list shows the nationalities of the competitors in the 450 cars that were accepted.

The variety of the people entered is shown by the following table showing the nationality of the 900 competitors sitting in 450 cars that have been selected to take part in the rally.

Nationalities Of The Competitors

Austria 10 Giappone 26
Australia 5 Kuwait 2
Brasile 1 Lussemburgo 6
Belgio 54 Marocco 1
Canada 4 Messico 8
Svizzera 28 Olanda 129
Cina 1 Nuova Zelanda 1
Repubblica Ceca 1 Polonia 5
Germania 74 Repubblica Argentina 7
Danimarca 4 Repubblica San Marino 1
Spagna 3 Russia 7
Ecuador 1 Svezia 1
Francia 9 Singapore 2
Liechtenstein 1 Slovacchia 1
Regno Unito 62 Tunisia 1
Isola di Man 1 Stati Uniti 51
Gibilterra 1 Uruguay 2
Hong Kong 1 Not Stated 134
Italia 254    


Below is a list of the 2018 North American Mille Miglia entrants.

List Of 2018 North American Mille Miglia Entrants

Driver   Navigator   Car
Henry Nassau USA Catharine Nassau USA AC ACE 1954
Lorenzo Vascotto I David McWilliams USA AC ACE 1955
Martin Gruss USA Michel Brogard USA ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GRAN SPORT CASTAGNA 1933
Gustavo Evoli Canadian MEX Paloma Evoli Canadian MEX AUSTIN HEALEY 100 1955
Robert Davis USA TBA BMW 328 1938
Mark Gessler USA Kurt Gessler USA BUGATTI T 40 1927
Oriol Vilanova E Shawn Till USA CHRYSLER 75 1929
Eric Schigiel USA TBA CHRYSLER 75 1929
Donald Beherens USA Maximilian Beherens USA CISITALIA 202 S MM SPIDER 1947
Guy Gervais CDN Louis Grenier CDN CITROEN DS 19 1957
John Devine USA Jeoffrey Gore USA FERRARI 500 TESTA ROSSA 1956
Andrew Hurwich USA Mark Hurwich USA FIAT 600 1957
Timothy Brosnan USA Walter Frome USA FIAT 8V 1955
Ramiro Garza MEX Carlo Barel Di Sant’albano I JAGUAR XK 120 1950
Christopher Fountas USA Walter Yager USA JAGUAR XK 120 1953
Ken Marlin USA John Herlihy USA JAGUAR XK 120 1954
Phillip Sarofim USA Randy Simon USA JAGUAR XK 120 1953
John Houghtaling USA Franco Valobra USA JAGUAR XK 120 M COMPETITION 1952
Jeff Urbina USA John Recca USA JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1952
Ted Marlow USA Kent Thirley GB JAGUAR XK 140 DHC 1955
Stephen Brauer USA TBA JAGUAR XK 140 MC 1955
James Helfrich USA Jack Helfrich USA JAGUAR XK 140 OTS 1956
Victor Humberto Evoli MEX Enrique Umberto Evoli Canadian MEX JAGUAR XK 140 OTS 1954
Tom Sargeant USA Mary Catherine Sargeant USA LANCIA APPIA GTZ 1957
Augustin Figueroa MEX Lukasz Noras MEX LANCIA AURELIA B24 S 1955 Rubinetterie
Francisco Lopezguerra MEX Josè Humberto Artigas del Olmo MEX LANCIA AURELIA B24 CONVERTIBILE 1956
Jeff Lotman USA Joshua Grozier USA LINCOLN CAPRI 1954
Joe Hayes USA Maggie Hayes USA MASERATI A6G/2000 AD 1955
Stephen Dixon GBM John Gautrey CDN MG A 1955
Joseph Hurwich USA Lisa Hurwich USA MG SA 1938
James Montgomery Gingery USA Tony Brooks GB OLDSMOBILE SUPER 88 1954
Stephen Brooks USA TBA OLDSMOBILE SUPER 88 1954
Charles Nearburg USA James King USA OSCA MT4 1350 1952
Balaji Ramamoorthy USA Ashely Ramamoorthy USA PORSCHE 356 1500 1953
Robert Davis USA TBA SIATA 208 S 1953
Marc Behaegel B Lorraine Rosenblum USA ZAGATO FIAT 8V 1955

For a complete listing of the accepted entries for the 2018 Mille Miglia click on the file below.

Accepted Cars

Best wishes to all of the competitors and if any of them should read this post, I would love to get some photos of the Mille Miglia that I can share with other readers.

If you have any questions or comments about this post or the Mille Miglia then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net


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Paris – Prague Rally Book Provides Nice Memories

This past week I was out in Montana on business and when I returned home I was very pleasantly surprised to find a souvenir book from the Rally Round folks who put on the Paris-Prague car rally last June.  In that car rally I was fortunate enough to be the navigator for Michael Eatough of England in his 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230S fintail sedan.

The book is a high quality book filled with photos of the competitors and their cars.  I have included copies of some of the photos of Michael and I that were included in the book.

Michael & I At The Rally Finish

Michael’s Mercedes-Benz is a rally-tough car.  Mercedes-Benz cars tend to be over-engineered and over-built and Michael along with his mechanic Owen Warboys have improved on this.

Michael Eatough’s Excellent Mercedes-Benz Rally Car

The route of the Paris-Prague rally included many nice scenic mountain roads through Austria.

On The Road In Austria

I am pleased to have this book as it is a great reminder of the car rally and the people that we met during the rally.  I hope to meet these people again somewhere.  This rally was the first rally that Michael and I competed together and it solidified our plan to compete together as a team in the 2019 Peking To Paris Motor Challenge.

If you have any questions about this post or the Paris-Prague rally then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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Interesting Ramble American Rogue For Sale

It is not common for me to advertise a car for sale.  There are lots of websites that do this and appear to be quite successful and profitable at it.  However one reader of this website has an interesting car for sale that I could not ignore.  Randy has a 1969 Ramble American Rogue for sale. He has owned this car since 1970 and it has just over 100,000 miles.  The car is a northern California and has been garaged 90% of the time.

There is a little over 100,000 miles on the car, but less than 3000 miles on the engine overhaul.  At this time Randy does not have firm selling price, but he is open to offers.

The car has a 290 cubic inch V8, engine has been overhauled and it runs great.  The Rogue has new shocks, struts, a 4-barrel carburetor, electronic ignition and an electric fuel pump. It also has a low-speed rear and 4 speed manual transmission.

The color of the car is Pompei yellow with tuck & roll seats which are about 15 years old but are reportedly still in good shape.

Randy is happy to send pics and talk to potential buyers.  The Rogue is in northern California, north of Sacramento.  You can contact Randy by email at the following address:

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2018 Great Race Entry List

The entry list for the 2018 Great Race has been published.  I will be taking part as the navigator for Harald von Langsdorff in his 1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SLC.  The list is made up of 130 cars from a 1916 Hudson Pikes Peak Climber to Harald’s Mercedes-Benz.  This year Harald’s car will be sporting car #6.  The 2018 Great Race entry list is presented below.

2018 Great Race Entry List

No. Driver Hometown Navigator Hometown Year Car
1  Howard Sharp Fairport, NY Doug Sharp Fairport, NY 1916 Hudson Pikes Peak Climber
2 Curtis Graf Irving, TX Wayne Bell Las Vegas, NV 1932 Ford Roadster
3 Mike Weaver The Villages, FL Craig Jongerius Sheldon, IA 1931 Ford Model A
4 David Reeder Fort Smith, AR Sawyer Stone Plymouth, MI 1932 Ford Victoria
5 Hiroshi Izawa Tokyo, Japan TBA
6 Harald von Langsdorff Toronto, ON Steve McKelvie Franklin, MA 1972 Mercedes 350 SLC
7 Erin Kaplan Corona del Mar, CA Brad Kaplan Corona del Mar, CA 1966 Ford Mustang
8 Peter Hersey Hingham, MA TBD 1934 Ford Indy race car
9 Jim Menneto Bennington, VT Mari Parizo Bennington, VT 1932 Ford Speedster
10 Kirk Thams Grand Blanc, MI Scott Thams Clarkston, MI 1929 Ford A
11 Alan Travis Phoenix, AZ Mary Travis Phoenix, AZ 1913 Bugatti Type 22
12 Annegret Reichman Kirkland, WA Ulrich Kammholz Kirkland, WA 1955 Studebaker President
13 David Dort Copley, OH Paul Dort Canal Fulton, OH 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser
14 Alan Runck Stuart, FL Helen Runck Stuart, FL 1946 Dodge WD-20
15 Jerry Schmitt Waukesha, WI Joe Schmitt Oconomowoc, WI 1955 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday
16 Kari Schives Kitchener, ON Kaitlyn Stahl Grosse Pointe, MI 1965 Ford Mustang
17 Brett Stahl Grosse Pointe, MI Noah Stahl Grosse Point, MI 1941 Packard 120 Coupe
18 Scott Vallee Grosse Point, MI Dan Stahl Grosse Pointe, MI TBD TBD
19 Josh Hull Roanoke, VA Trevor Stahl Roanoke, VA 1932 Ford Dirt Track Racer
20 Ken Creary White Plains, NY Lauren States White Plains, NY 1965 Ford Ranchero Deluxe
21 Roger Shacket Coral Springs, FL Esther Shacket Coral Springs, FL 1957 Chevrolet Belair
23 Brian Blood McLean, VA Steve Keller McLean, VA 1969 Saab 96
24 Craig Rubright Clearwater, FL Garrett Jenkins Birmingham, AL 1937 Ford Tudor
25 Scott Henderson Mobile, AL Mallory Henderson Mobile, AL 1964 Ford Mustang
26 Ed Foster Childersburg, AL Roger Kicklighter Sandersville, GA 1939 Ford Sedan
27 Heidi Hetzer Berlin, Germany Michael Martin Ferntree Gully, Australia 1921 Hispano Suiza
28 Ed Habetz Crowley, LA Tom Regan Crowley, LA 1916 Chevrolet Baby Grand 490
29 Dave Haverty Dunwoody, GA Bill Secrest South Shore, KY 1937 Ford Coupe
30 Jerome Reinan Otter Tail County, MN Chris Brungardt Blanchard, ND 1918 American LeFrance Speedster
33 Brent Powley Lockport, NY Rick McIntosh Lockport, NY 1930 Ford Speedster
34 Peter LaMountain Oxford, MA Bill Sacramone Port Orange, FL 1964 Chevy Impala SS
38 Gary Martin Simpsonville, KY JeanAnn Martin Simpsonville, KY 1964 Chevrolet Nova
39 John Corey Melrose, NY Dale Kasson Troy, NY 1954 Studebaker Landcruiser
40 Sam Pratt Bedford, PA Anne Pratt Bedford, PA 1950 Chevy Fleetline Deluxe
41 Paul Clarkson Wilmington, NC Jim Kyle Ft. Worth, TX 1930 Ford Coupe
42 Jonathan Klinger Traverse City, MI Davin Reckow Traverse City, MI 1917 Peerless Green Dragon
43 Peter Brown Freeport, ME Ford Reiche Freeport, ME 1930 Model A Speedster
44 Bill Josler White River Junction, VT Will Josler St. Johnsbury, VT 1929 Ford Model A
46 Dennis O’Connell Peculiar, MO Stephen Hebert West Lake, LA 1974 Plymouth Bluesmobile
47 Carl Webster St Charles, MO Mary Webster St Charles, MO 1957 Porsche Speedster
48 Ed Overmyer Ooltewah, TN Eric Fayard Ooltewah, TN 1963 Jaguar E Type OTS
49 Neil Myerscough Brooksville, FL Shanna Chatraw Tallahassee, FL 1960 Studebaker Hawk
50 Dave Archer Lowell, OH Wally Kandel Marietta, OH 1957 Chevrolet 150
51 Daniel Epple Jefferson City, MO Brad Epple Jefferson City, MO 1916 Hudson
52 Travis Henderson Mobile, AL TBD Mobile, AL 1966 Ford Mustang
53 Barry Jacobs Mt. Vernon, OH Jewel Jacobs Mt. Vernon, OH 1957 Chevy Pickup
54 Louise Feeney Endicott, NY James Feeney Endicott, NY 1936 Ford Fordor Deluxe
55 Larry Tribble Suffield, CT Rock Rookey East Windsor, CT 1955 Chevy 210
57 Steve Tourje Thompson, PA Ed Tourje Union Dale, PA 1939 Ford Coupe
58 Richard Fredette Carencro, LA Jim Caudle Pekin, IL 1930 Ford Roadster
59 Bob Bryan Millsboro, DE Wes Kliner Chattanooga, TN 1965 Ford Mustang
60 John Hudson Baldwinsville, NY Scott Hudson Baldwinsville, NY 1940 Chevy Master
61 Bob Marak El Segundo, CA Bruce Bernbaum El Seguando, CA 1961 VW Ragtop Beetle
62 Jack Hausmann Johns Creek, GA Beth Hausmann Johns Creek, GA 1962 VW Beetle
63 Russ Ambrose Palm Bay, FL Joe Murphy Chesapeake, VA 1967 Sunbeam Alpine
64 Don Elliot Marietta, GA Julia Elliot Marietta, GA 1970 Volvo 1800E
65 Olivia Gentry Newnan, GA Genna Gentry Newnan, GA 1964 Dodge Dart convertible
66 Jody Knowles Tyrone, GA Beth Gentry Newnan, GA 1932 Ford Cabriolet
67 Marybeth Lewis Negley, OH Tag Lewis Negley, OH 1940 Cadillac Convertible
68 Tom Nawojczyk Bowdon, UK Hazel Nawojczyk Bowdon, UK 1973 Jensen Inrerceptor
70 Bill Croker Penn Valley, CA Carolyn Croker Penn Valley, CA 1936 Packard 120 B
71 Shige Yasui Shiga, Japan Ayako Yasui Shiga, Japan 1966 Ford Mustang
72 Mark Piekarski Hilton Head, SC Lennel Stroud Hilton Head, SC 1942 Ford Super Deluxe
73 Rick Greene Tiffin, OH John Menches Uniontown, OH 1929 Ford Model A?
74 David Staples Fullerton, CA Garrick L Staples Fullerton, CA 1965 Porsche 356sc
75 Brad Phillips Salisbury, MD TBA
76 Rick Castaldo Nokesville, VA TBA
77 Bill Greene Gainsville, CA Susan Greene Gainsville, CA 1938 Ford 5 window
78 Peter Prescott Gardiner, ME Guy McDorr Bath, ME 1948 Ford Sedan
79 Jesse Jameson New Fairfield, CT Howard Jameson New Fairfield, CT 1952 Hudson Hornet
80 Brent Hermann Manchester, VT William Burns Dorset, VT 1946 GMC 1/2 ton p/u truck
81 Jim Warren Coeur D Alene, ID Tom Helman Spokane Valley, WA 1940 Packard Convertible
82 Jeff Hermanson Culver, IN Kathy Hermanson Culver, IN 1939 Ford pickup
84 Mark L Shaw Casa Grande, AZ Michael  Collins Flagstaff, AZ 1949 Ford Tudor
85 Duncan Tilly Manitoulin Island, ON Cheryle Tilly Manitoulin Island, ON 1965 Mustang Fastback
86 John Lucke Columbus, IN Joyce Lucke Columbus, IN 1965 Rambler Ambassador
87 Patrick Lauber Mansfield, OH Ron Smith Avon Park, FL 1928 Ford Model A Speedster
88 Christian Lauber Mansfield, OH Brandon Gregg Ashland, OH 1968 Ford Mustang
89 Richard Schneider Wildwood, MO Noel Schneider Wildwood, MO 1930 Riley Speed Six
90 Mary Stahl Grosse Pointe, MI Ted Stahl Grosse Pointe, MI 1967 Pontiac GTO
91 Jeff Fredette Beecher, IL Eric Fredette Beecher, IL 1933 Ford pickup
92 Alan Wilber Hartville, OH Carol May Auburn, OH 1948 Buick Roadmaster Hearse
93 Wade Upton Houston, TX Dave Upton Bellaire, TX 1961 Lincoln Continental
94 Tim Mangan Bend, OR Marlene Mangan Bend, OR 1965 Ford Fairlane
95 Charles Metcalf London, Ontario Phil Metcalf Thamesford, Ontario 1935 Ford 48-770 Coupe
96 Dan Martin New Braunfels, TX Pat Martin New Braunfels, TX 1965 Corvette Coupe
97 Krystin Stahl Myrtle Beach, SC Micaela Reardon Grosse Point, MI 1965 Chevrolet Nova Hardtop
98 Tom Wagner Lakewood, OH John Wagner Troy, MI 1947 Chevy Stylemaster
99 Ron Martin Tampa, FL Troy Smith Heyworth, IL 1927 Peerless 560A
100 Tom Pease Florence, MA Peggy Pease Florence, MA 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone
101 DeWayne Deck Denver, CO Dennis Maddox Denver, CO 1931 Buick Phaeton
102 Wes Thompson Blenheim, ON Scott Vidler Midhurst, ON 1948 Buick Roadster
103 George Gordon Newbury, NH Bob Nerad New London, NH 1940 Ford Convertible
104 Gary Goldsberry Parker, CO Crystal Goldsberry Parker, CO 1956 Ford F100
105 Terry Riggs Jeffersonville, VT Steve Boutin Essex, VT 1959 Volvo PV 544
106 Brandon Michalowski Whitewater, WI Dennis Machalowski Mukwonago, WI 1970 Chevrolet Corvette
109 John Marshall Blacksburg, VA David Marshall Blacksburg, VA 1949 Ford
111 Daryl Hill Topeka, KS Bill Wallace Topeka, KS 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II
113 Jim Motes Cedarburg,  WI Kathleen Accetta Dover, DE 1948 Lincoln Continental
115 David Hosack Asheville, NC David Fetzer Wheaton, IL 1968 Chevrolet Impala
116 Shane Clark Seabrook, TX Brian Stanton Houston, TX 1968 Ford Mustang
118 Richard Hearn Sarasota, FL Normie Sheppard Sydney, Australia 1967 Jaguar E Type Coupe
119 Joan Hagan Louisville, KY Steve Slaughter Louisville, KY 1967 Ford Mustang
120 James Leach Devizes, UK Wally Leach Devizes, UK 1952 Sunbeam Talbot
122 Diana Pusey St. Augustine, FL Steve Pusey St. Augustine, FL 1968 Ford Mustang
123 Arnie Stephens Canmore, Alberta Lynn Friedrick Canmore, Alberta 1969 Chevelle Convertible
124 Shawn Lednick San Diego, CA Harvery Lednick Deming, NM 1939 Lincoln Zephyr
125 John Barrett Athens, GA Susan Barrett Athens, GA 1953 Hudson Hornet
126 Wayne Vick Armunchee, GA Clayton Vick Rome, GA 1935 Ford Coupe
127 Ed Calfo Greensboro, NC Kevin Pusch Summerfield, NC 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
128 Bob Kaplan Sun Valley, ID Dana Fraser Palm Desert, CA 1939 Jaguar SS
129 David Wells Lakefield, Ontario Peter McGuire Toronto, ON 1966 Ford Mustang
130 Ric Fletcher Linwood, MI Lynda Fletcher Linwood, MI 1961 Pontiac Vetura SD
131 Alberto Bazan Peachtree Corners, GA Silvia Bazan Peachtree Corners, GA 1966 Ford Mustang
132 Toby Stinson Owls Head, ME Aedan Jordan Warren, ME 1935 Ford Phaeton
133 Ron VanderMarel Waterdown, Ontario Sheldon Rier Cambridge, Ontario 1937 Studebaker Dictator
135 Lex Sleeman Fairport, NY David Coon Fairport, NY 1953 Chevrolet Business Coupe
136 Mike Buchanan Royal Oak, MI Marc Buchanan Royal Oak, MI 1967 Ford Mustang
137 Jon Seltenheim Lemoyne, PA Doug Mock Granville, OH 1966 Chevrolet Impala
138 Steve Brooks Alexandria, VA Jeanne Brooks Alexandria, VA 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88
140 Scott Culp Lascassas, TN Multiple Murfreesboro, TN X-CUP 1953 Pontiac Chieftain
141 Stephen Legate Albuquerque, NM Multiple Albuquerque, NM X-CUP 1961 MG MGA 1600
142 Adam Grogan Cedartown, GA Multiple Cedartown, GA X-CUP 1955 Desoto Fireflite
143 Jake Derk Cattaraugus, NY Multiple Alfred State NY X-CUP 1953 Dodge Power Wagon
144 Kailee Demoyner Wellsville, NY Multiple Alfred State NY X-CUP 1956 Mercury
145 Shawn Buller Ponca City, OK Multiple Ponca City, OK X-CUP 1956 Buick Century
146 Scott Fraser Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Cheryl Fraser Dartmouth, NS 1964 Chevy Chevelle
147 John Beaulieu Halifax, Nova Scotia Denise Beaulieu Halifax, Nova Scotia 1954 Chevrolet Belair Convertible
148 Thomas Littrell Galax, VA Multiple Galax, VA X-CUP 1959 Plymouth Belvedere
150 Charles Harris Damariscotta, ME John Harris South Bristol, ME 1937 Packard 1502

The 2018 Great Race will begin on June 23, 2018 in Buffalo, NY and end on July 1, 2018 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The general route is shown below.


2018 Great Race Route

The locations shown in red are the overnight stops, while the locations shown in blue are the lunch halts.

If you have any comments or questions on this post or the Great Race, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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Marcus Chambers’ Book: 7 Year Twitch

I have just acquired a copy of Marcus Chambers’ book “7 Seven Year Twitch”.  Marcus Chambers was the Competitions Manager at British Motor Corporation (BMC) from 1954 – 1961, hence the title “7 Year Twitch”.  I’ve been a long time getting this book, but this week I finally got a copy.  While I have found the book’s content interesting, the book’s cover is rather uninspiring.

Marcus Chambers’ Book

The copy of the book that I got really shows its age.  There is discoloring around the perimeter of every page.  It looks much older than a book that was published in 1965. There is a small collection of photos in the book and I have included a couple in this post.

Rally Photos From 1958

Note the picture in the middle above (Plate III).  By the way, you know a book is getting old when you see Roman Numerals being used.  Are these even taught these days?  But getting to the real issue, note Willy Cave checking out from a time control 1958.  This book was written in 1965 and I found the following portion of the description of Willy Cave written by Marcus Chambers on Page 35 interesting: “Seems to have solved the secret of perpetual youth as he has not aged to any extent in the six years I have known him.” That was written in 1965, presently in 2018 , 53 years later, Willy Cave, now in his 90s, is still actively navigating in car rallies.  It seems like Marcus Chambers had a premonition about this.

Some additional photos from the book are shown below.

Note The Stelvio Pass Road in Plate IX Above

The Stelvio Pass is a legendary European pass that was a part of many rallies in those days and through to today’s rallies.  But it is a popular tourist route as people want to experience the Stelvio Pass.  I am reminded of the saying: “Nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded”.

At the back of the Chambers book, in Appendix F, he has included some route notes that BMC gave to its MGA crews regarding the Stelvio Pass.  I have included those notes below.

The Notes Continue below…

Stelvio Pass Notes

The crews were certainly asked to push, particularly on the downhill side of the pass.  I hope that they had good brakes!  The target average speed seems quite high considering this was written for a MGA car in late 1950s on a road with dozens of hairpins turns.  The target time was 42 minutes to cover 36.3 miles.

I still have great deal of reading to do in this book, but it sure looks interesting.  If you have any comments or questions about this post, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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November 1956 Saab Soundings Lauded Great American Mountain Rallye Victory

As news of this fall’s Great American Mountain Rally Revival gets out, we have contacted and have been contacted by people interested in this rally.  One of these people is Bruce Turk, who is perhaps the most knowledgeable person in the USA on Saab issues.  Bruce provided me with some information that I have never seen before about the 1956 running of the Great American Mountain Rallye.  After that event the Saab company published a special issue of a corporate document known as “Saab Soundings”.  The November 1956 “Saab Soundings” was a “Special Rallye Edition” that focused on the Saab rally team that was entered into that year’s Great American Mountain Rallye.  I have posted a complete copy of this issue of “Saab Soundings” below:






The Saab crew and car, Car #51, that won the 1956 Great American Mountain Rallye are shown below.

The Saab That Won The 1956 Great American Mountain Rallye

The victory by Saab in this rally did wonderful things for Saab car sales in the USA.  Saab management saw the benefits of participating in rallying and they expanded their overall rally program and made the smart move of hiring Erik Carlsson as their rally car driver.  This team resulted in numerous rally successes and established Saab’s reputation as a significant, rugged, and reliable rally car.

If you have any questions or comments about the Great American Mountain Rallye or the Great American Mountain Rally Revival, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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