Triumph Works TR3 Rally Car, TRW 736, Soon Coming To America

I recently got an email from Hans Abrahams about a wonderful Triumph TR3 Works rally car that he has acquired.  This Works rally car was registered on April 4, 1957 as TRW 736. This car, in its present condition, is shown below.

1957 Triumph TR3 Works Rally Car

This car is one of three Works rally cars that were prepared and registered by Standard Triumph in 1957.  The three Works rally cars were consecutive registered as TRW 735, TRW 736, and TRW 737.

Note The Small Bumperettes

Both the Triumph TR3 and the earlier Triumph TR2 have a low door line that is reminiscent of some other post war cars.  The lines on these cars are quite stylish.

The Triumph TR3 Cars Had The Low Cut Door Line

This Triumph TR3 has the “smallmouth” grille that is quite similar to the Triumph TR2 cars.  Later Triumph TR3 cars had a grille that extended across the whole front of the car.

The 1957 Triumph TR3 Retained The “Smallmouth” Grille Of The TR2 Cars

The standard engine in the Triumph TR3 cars was a 1,991cc 4-cylinder engine.  In its standard form, the engine produced about 100 horsepower.

The 1991cc Engine In The Triumph TR3

This car was a rally car from day one and it is still configured as a rally car.  Hans has plans to enter this car in several rallies in Europe before he brings the car to the USA.  It looks like it is ready to go!

The Interior Is Set-Up For Competition

The car is fully equipped with a Brantz rally odometer and a Brantz Rally Timer mounted in a very visible location in front of the navigator, therefore Triumph TRW 736 can be competitive in a car rally in its current form.

Rally Odometer Along With Rally Timer Foretells Future Rallies For This Car

For the 1957 Tulip Rally, Standard Triumph entered a three-car rally team. TRW 735 was driven by Tom Gold, but it did not finish.  TRW 736 was driven by John Waddington to a 1st in class win, and Triumph TRW 737 was driven by Paddy Hopkirk to a third in class finish. 

John Waddington, Tom Gold, And June Gold With The Triumph Team Cars Before The 1957 Tulip Rally

Initially I did not know the location of the picture shown below, but I was informed by Fred Gallagher that this photo was taken at the Zandvoort track.  This photo was taken during the final special test that was part of the 1957 Tulip Rally.

The Final Special Test At The Zandvoort Track During The 1957 Tulip Rally

The picture shown below shows Bernard Consten on his way to a third place overall finish in the 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally.  The Triumph TR3 cars won the Team Award at the 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally.

Triumph TRW 736 In The 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally

At the 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally,  TRW 735 was driven by Maurice Gatsonides to a fifth place finish, as noted before Bernard Consten finished 3rd in TRW 736, and Alain de Changy finished 9th Overall in TRW 737.  These great finishes in this notoriously long, rough, and fast rally gave the Triumph Works team the Overall Team Award.

Triumph TRW 736 Finished 3rd Overall In The 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally

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2018 Trans America Challenge: Rest Day In Aspen

Today is a rest day in Aspen, Colorado.  Once again a time to get caught up on the many undone issues that have been set aside to take part in the 2018 Trans America Challenge.

On Sunday we got off to an early start from Santa Fe, as we normally run about 45 minutes to 1 hour in front of the rally cars.  The ride out of Santa Fe was spectacular as the sun was rising.

Sunday Morning Leaving Santa Fe

Later in the day the weather was just great.  We had a combination of views of the wide open plains as well as being up in the mountains.  America is a country of a million views!

Control Location Near Buena Vista, Colorado

On Monday morning we started the day by driving up the Pikes Peak road.  What great views!  I almost wore my camera out taking pictures.  The Pikes Peak road is spectacular.  And it makes you appreciate the skills and nerve that it takes to drive like Sebastien Loeb or Ari Vatanen did when they made their epic runs up this mountain road.

The Road Up Pikes Peak

Later that day we also went over the Independence Pass.  This pass is located at the Continental Divide.  There was an unmanned Passage Control at this location.

Went Over The Independence Pass On Our Way To Aspen

One of the favorite cars of the spectators is the 1933 Alvis Firefly.  This is a very sporty looking car.

1933 Alvis Firefly Is Popular With The Spectators

For more information of the 2018 Trans America Challenge go to the website of the Endurance Rally Association via the following link:

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2018 Trans America Challenge: Travel From New Orleans to Santa Fe

Today is a rest day for the 2018 Trans America Challenge rally.  We are in Santa Fe enjoying the slightly cooler weather and catching up on the list of things that we all are juggling while taking part in this wonderful rally.

When we left New Orleans we put on a picnic lunch for the competitors along the Gulf of Mexico.  We were at a covered pavilion with a cool breeze in a state park.  We had looks of fresh foods for the competitors.  On the way to the picnic location we had to slow to allow an alligator to cross the road!

The Endurance Rally Crew Preparing A Picnic Lunch Along The Gulf Of Mexico

Later in the day as we made our way to Galveston, Texas, we had to take the Highway 82 ferry to get across the Calcasieu Lake/River outlet.

Taking The Highway 82 Ferry

Later that day the rally route took the competitors very close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Traveling Along The Gulf Of Mexico Shore

When we left Galveston the next day and got deeper into Texas we saw the following interesting sign along the side of the road.  We understand that there was a nearby prison.

Interesting Sign In Texas

Our second night in Texas was spent in Austin.  The weather during these days was quite hot with near record temperatures in the southern USA.

Competitors Arriving At The Hotel In Austin

The next morning we set up a Passage Control at Dead Man’s Hole.  The story of this hole is presented on the plaque below.

Passage Control At Dead Man’s Hole

Just south of Amarillo there was a test at the Route 66 Speedway.  It was great fun and it gave the competitors the opportunity to give their cars a workout.

Test Start At The Route 66 Speedway

The cars had to negotiate a number of cones that were laid out around the dirt track.

John & Nicole Whitelock On Track With Their 1938 Ford Coupe

Upon leaving Amarillo the rally route took the competitors to the Cadillac Ranch which is  series of Cadillacs buried in a farmer’s field.  These cars have been there for many years.

Cadillacs At The Cadillac Ranch


Jim Smith & Mark Appleton Discuss A Passage Control At The Cadillac Ranch

A great deal of the morning after leaving Amarillo was spent traveling on the old Route 66.  Route 66 was the major east-west road in the 1950s until Interstate 40 was built.  Then the traffic was greatly reduced along Route 66 and many business failed and resulting in many abandoned buildings.

I’m Sure That At One Time This Was Modern, But Not Now

As we got closer to Santa Fe we got to see some great views.

On the Way To Santa Fe

For more information about the Trans America Challenge check out the Endurance Rally Association website via the following link:

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2018 Trans America Challenge Rest Day In New Orleans

I am working with the Endurance Rally Association crew to put on the 2018 Trans America Challenge car rally which started in Charleston, SC and will end in Seattle, WA.  The rally passed through New Orleans and Day 8 of the rally was a rest day in New Orleans.  I mostly worked to get caught up on a number of things that we left undone or half done.  However at night I caught the 6:00 show of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  I make it a point to see them every time that I’m in New Orleans.  Preservation Hall is located on St. Peter Street just off Bourbon Street.  It doesn’t look like much, but the old time New Orleans jazz that is played there is special.

Inside Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is not a big place.  I have been in living rooms that are bigger.  In fact, that is what it feels like.  It feels like you are in their living room and listening to them jammin’, having fun.  The picture above was taken from the last row of seats.  People are sitting on the floor, at the musician’s feet.  There were a few people standing behind me.  It is an experience as much as it is a show.

Preservation Hall is a great place to visit for an evening show.  Go early and save the Bourbon Street festivities for later.

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2018 Trans America Challenge Days 4 Through 7

After a rest day in Nashville we got on the road again.  While in Nashville we took the opportunity to catch up on some needed sleep.  We also took in some local live music and enjoyed some local libations as well.  We left Nashville headed for Memphis on the Natchez Trace Parkway.

The Natchez Trace Is Like A Tree-Lined Paved Country Road

We stopped for lunch at the Outpost Café.  It was an interesting place.  I highly recommend ordering their “Hog Fries”.

Rally Cars At The Outpost Cafe

The Outpost Café has good food and lots of interesting things to see and purchase.  I also got an idea for all of those unused fishing floats that I have.

Interesting Pepper Shaker

When we left Memphis we passed through Tupelo on the way to Jackson, MS.  In Tupelo we were warmly welcomed at the Tupelo Automotive Museum.  They have a very impressive collection of cars from the very old to some modern cars.  Tupelo is also the birthplace of Elvis Presley and we took a drive past his birthplace.

Some of the cars that we saw in the Tupelo Automotive Museum are shown below.

1939 Graham

The Mustang shown below was a very early 1964 1/2 model.  It was one of the very few Mustangs that I have seen that have a 260 cubic inch V8 engine.  Most of the early Mustangs had the 289 cubic inch V8 engine.

A 1964-1/2 Mustang Convertible

As many who read this will know, the Tucker cars are very rare.  I think that fewer than 50 were built before Tucker succumbed to the pressures of trying to get these cars into production.  These were innovative cars that were ahead of their time.

A Rare Tucker

The museum also had a DeLorean which is a rather infamous, but well-known car.  The gull-wing doors and the stainless steel body are very distinctive.

A DeLorean

Another interesting car at the museum was the 1974 Volkswagen SP-2.  This was a car built in Brazil for the South American market.  As far as I know it was not sold in America.  Too bad!

1974 Volkswagen SP-2

I am at the 2018 Trans-America Challenge as part of the Endurance Rally Association crew that is putting this car rally on.  One of our crew members is Mike Halley, as USA stage rally legend. Legend or not, bugs will still bite you, so Mike was fully prepared to work one of the controls in the deep woods.

Mike Halley Dressed for Action!

At this time we are in New Orleans enjoying another rest day.  Bourbon Street in New Orleans is quite a sight to see.

Heading Across The World’s Longest Freshwater Bridge Into New Orleans For Unknown Adventures

For more information, reports and results check the website of the Endurance Rally Association at the following link:

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Trans America Challenge Days 2 And 3 Were Wet And Wild

Days 2 and 3 of the 2018 Trans America Challenge were wet and wild.  Day 2 was quite wet due to Tropical Storm Alberto,  This early season storm carried a lot of rain as it moved north from the Gulf of Mexico.  On Day 2, the rain and the fog/low-lying clouds reduced the opportunities to see the normally great views from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The rain did reduce the traffic along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A Foggy Trip Along The Blue Ridge Parkway

We then enjoyed a great lunch in the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville, NC.  This hotel was very nice and it was nice to dry out a little during lunch.

Great Lunch In The Grand Bohemian Hotel In Asheville, NC

On Day 3, we started out in Highlands, NC and headed deep into the Smokey Mountains.  We had a nice morning stop at the Wolf Creek General Store, who really rolled out the welcome mat for us.  Due to the number of motorcycle riders who ride these crooked mountain roads, the Wolf Creek General Store has a special gasoline fill-up lane just for motorcycles!

The Wolf Creek General Store Folks Were Very Welcoming

In the morning we set up a couple of Regularity Sections that were located just off the scenic and twisty Cherohala Highway.  The start area of one of these Regularity Sections is shown below.  The forest was quite green and dense in this area.

Beginning Of Regularity Section Just Off The Cherohala Highway

Fortunately the rain let up a little as we set of the Regularity Section controls.

Marl Appleton & Gill Cotton Set Up A Regularity Control

We had plans for a special test using the high banks of the Crossville Speedway but the rain made the track unusable for our cars.  We did set up a “rallycross” type test in the parking lot which was also challenging with the slippery surface conditions.

Due To The Muddy Conditions We Did Not Use The Crossville Speedway Track

There were some colorful signs around the race track which you don’t always see.

It’s Pretty Clear Where They Stand On Some Issues

The Special Test At Crossville Speedway

The afternoon of Day 3 ended with a challenging Regularity Section.  The final control was located at the top of a steep hill just after an acute right hand turn.  This proven to be quite a challenge for the teams in general, but several cars had very good scores on this Regularity Section.

The Acute Right Hand Turn At The Bottom Of The Hill

The timing control was set up behind  a church at the top of the hill to try to keep the location of the control hidden.

The Timing Control Behind The Mount Zion Baptist Church

The leaders after Day 3 at James Gately/Tony Brooks in a 1937 Cadillac convertible.  This is an experienced and capable rally team.  I don’t think that they have had the top down much.

Gately/Brooks Lead The Trans America Challenge After Day 3

For more information on the Trans America Challenge and the Endurance Rally Association you can get to their website by clicking on the link below.

If you have any comments or questions about this post or the Trans America Challenge then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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Day 1 Of The Trans America Challenge Leads To Charlotte

The 2018 Trans America Challenge got on the road today as we drove from Charleston, SC to Charlotte, NC.   Mark Appleton and I were in Car 0.  Our role was to ensure that the controls and other things along the way were properly set up for the rally cars arriving after us.

Setting Up A Regularity Control

It was an interesting day as far as the roads were concerned and for me, it was also interesting as I got a upclose look at the way the Endurance Rally Association sets up and scores a rally.  It is clear that these folks know what they are doing.

Scene At One Of This Afternoon’s Time Controls 

At the end of the day the rally ended at the NASCAR  Hall of Fame in Charlotte.  I did not have too much time to look around, but I did manage to see one of the Fabulous Hudson Hornets.

One Of The Fabulous Hudson Hornets At The NASCAR Hall Of Fame

Tomorrow we are going to Highlands, NC which is getting into the Appalachian Mountains.  I trust  that things will look better during the rally than they did during the recce last September in the aftermath of a hurricane!

Day 1 Provisional Rally Leader: Urbina/Pike In A 1936 Ford Cabriolet

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