My Newly Acquired Book About HRG Cars- “HRG The Sportsman’s Ideal”

Last week there was a comment on my website from Peter Davis about the driver and the navigator in a particular HRG car that competed in the 1948 Alpine Rally.  I had previously try to help Peter get to bottom of this but I could not provide a complete answer.  In Peter Davis’ comment, he said that he was able to find the answer about that crew in a book entitled “HRG – The Sportsman’s Ideal” by Ian Dusssek.  On reading that comment I decided to find a way to buy that book about HRG cars and today that book arrived in my mailbox.

Good Book About HRG Cars

One thing that I did not realize until last week that Peter Davis is now the current owner of the HRG car shown in the image below that is printed in Ian Dussek’s HRG book.  During the 1948 Alpine Rally this HRG was driven by Rod Ross with Ted Farley as the navigator.

The Ross/Farley HRD 1100 Gets Some Oil During The 1948 Alpine Rally

There was quite a number of HRG cars entered in the 1948 Alpine Rally in addition to the Ross/Farley HRG 1100 shown above.  Below Robin Richards/John Beaumont are shown checking into a rally control in another HRG 1100.

Richards/Beaumont In A HRG 1100 Check Into A Control During The 1948 Alpine Rally

HRG cars were for the most part built to be rallied or raced. And they were reasonably successful at both.  I don’t think that are many HRG cars in the United States.  There is (or was) at least one HRG car in the Boston area which I photographed at the Lime Rock Historic Festival in 2014.  This car is shown below.  If you look carefully it is a right hand drive car indicating its British manufacture.  I think that all of the HRG cars were made for the domestic British market, but some did make it to the United States.

A HRG At The Lime Rock Historic Festival

The HRG book that I got was published in 1985.  I understand that a second edition of this book was published in 2010.  My 1985 edition is 176 pages long, while the 2010 second edition is apparently 432 pages long.  Obviously lots has happened in the intervening 25 years.  I generally like older books about old cars because they were written more closely to the era that the cars were in active use.  However in this case as the author of the new book is the same as the old book the second edition is probably better.  I found that the first edition book is much less expensive than the second edition.  I just got this book and therefore I have not had the opportunity to read it, but just looking through it, I’m sure that it is a good book.

For more information about HRG cars see my post on this website posted on december 3, 2015.

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1954 Triumph TR2 At The 2017 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

One of the more interesting cars that I saw at the 2017 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique was an Italian entry of a 1954 Triumph TR2.  In fact this was this not only an interesting car, this car was also very successful, winning the Category 1 prize for cars built before December 31, 1961 and also winning the Category 1 Class 2 award for cars with engines less than 2,000cc.  The crew was driver Paolo Marcattilj with navigator Francesco Giammarino.

1954 Triumph TR2

The Triumph TR2 cars were possibly the most competitive of any of the Triumph TR range against cars of their era.  These cars were competitive in both rallying and racing right from the start.  In many ways the success of the Triumph TR cars can be said to be a result of the rally and racing success of the TR2 cars.

The TR2’s Hardtop And Side Curtains Suited The Cold Weather

As a rally navigator I noticed “Blunik” decal on the side of the hardtop.  This car, as well as many of the top cars used this Spanish rally computer, which I have shown below.  These very capable rally computers can also be had with a driver’s display.  These rally computers provide the timing error of the car in either seconds plus/minus the perfect time or in plus/minus distance traveled in meters on the road.  A Blunik II rally computer is shown below.

A Blunik II Rally Computer

Another interesting aspect to this car was the tires that were fitted to the car.  See the photo of the  tire below.  These tires have a configuration that I have not seen on the road before here in North America.  Perhaps they are available it’s just that I have not seen them before.  The outside of the tire is completely different from the inside portion of the tire.  Note that studs have only been added to the inside of the tire.

Note The Configuration Of the Tires

The brand name on the tire is Sisteron, perhaps named after the French town of the same name that we passed through during the rally.

The Tire Brand Name Is Sisteron

This was a very good Triumph TR2 and it did well in the rally.  Congratulations to the crew!  It was good to see a Triumph TR2 as I don’t see many Triumph TR2 cars in North America as compared to the later TR3 cars.  Too bad.

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The 2018 Dakar Rally Route Is Announced

Yesterday the organizers of the Dakar rally announced the route for the 2018 Dakar.  The overall route of this event changes from year to year.  Next year the route will travel through Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina as shown below.

2018 Dakar Route

The 2018 route is a little different from the recent past events in that the event will not start in Argentina and return to Argentina.  The 2018 route will start in Lima, Peru on January 6 and end in Cordoba, Argentina on January 20, 2018.  It is difficult to be certain, but by stopping the event in Cordoba instead of continuing on to the Buenos Aries area it might eliminate one or two stages that are more like “road-like” than the more typical off-road Dakar stages.  To be clear, Cordoba is a large city of 1.4 million people, so many roads nearby will still be well-developed, but route selection will still be key.

The 2018 Dakar will be the 40th edition of the Dakar.  The event has gone through a number of configurations over the years, including changing continents, and to this day the event is a little different from year to year.  The image below shows the start area in Paris, France during the initial 1978 running of the Paris to Dakar event.

1978 Start Area Of The Paris To Dakar Rally

Last week I posted some photos from the recent Dubai International Baja rally which has certain characteristics that are similar to the Dakar rally.  I got a follow-up message this week from Fred Gallagher, Rally Director of the Endurance Rally Association, who was at the event in Dubai as the Chairman Of The FIA Stewards.  Fred knows that I am interested in things related to rally navigation, so he sent me the following image of a co-driver/navigator dash from that event.  Very complex!

Co-Driver/Navigator Dash Looks Is Very High Tech

As can be seen from the above photo, it is not easy being a co-driver/navigator in these desert/off-road events.

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The End Of Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car Magazine

My friend Gary Hamilton gave me some warning this morning.  And this afternoon the letter arrived that confirmed what Gary had advised me.  Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car magazine has passed into magazine afterlife.  The death notice is below.

Letter From Hemmings About The Demise Of Sport & Exotic Car Magazine

I have been a subscriber to this magazine for 5 or 6 years.  It has always been a good read, but it seems that magazines are having a hard time of it.

Hemmings are transferring my remaining subscription over to Hemmings Classic Car magazine.  I am only vaguely familiar with that magazine, so I’ll wait and take a look at the issues that get forwarded to me.  Whether or not I sign up for that magazine is an open question.

The final cover of the Sport & Exotic Car magazine that arrived today is shown below.  The topics noted on the cover are typical topics that were covered by this magazine.  The other thing that I found interesting about this magazine is that as Hemmings is based in nearby Vermont, many of the stories had local relevance.

Final Cover Of Sport & Exotic Car Magazine

I will miss this magazine and the monthly sit down to read about these interesting, yet affordable cars.

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2017 Dubai International Baja

I got an interesting email this week from Paul Henshall of the Toronto area.  I’ve known Paul for some time and he is well-known in the southern Ontario area for his long time involvement in rallying.  I am pleased that Paul will be part of the service crew for Harald von Langsdorff and myself at this year’s Great Race.

Paul wrote that he had fun last weekend visiting a rally buddy of his, Ken Nazeer, in Dubai.
Paul and Ken spent last Friday and Saturday marshaling at the Dubai International Baja rally, somewhere out in the dunes behind the city.  Paul sent me some photos from that event.

Peugeot Entry Was Similar To Sebastien Loeb’s Dakar Entry

While the Dakar rally is a standout event, there are a number of desert events throughout the year that are used, in part, as warm-up events for the Dakar rally.  The Dubai International Baja, hosted by the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates is one of those events.

Nasser Al Attiyah’s Toyota

Not only were there cars in the event, but motorcycles and the quads were also part of this rally.

Motorcycles At A Control

A Quad Leaving A Control Point

The photo below shows an interesting re-fueling station.  I don’t think that they will run out of gas.  Note the spill traps used for the motorcycles.

Re-Fueling Station

The 2017 Dubai International Baja was won in convincing manner by the team of Nasser Al Attiyah with co-driver Mathieu Baumel, an experience top-tier Dakar rally team.

Nasser Al Attiyah With Co-Driver Mathieu Baumel Won The 2017 Dubai International Baja

If you want to hear more about this event and you are at the Great Race, look up Paul – he is a very interesting fellow and very approachable.

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Another Article About The Criterium – This Time It’s 1975

My recent post about the 1978 Criterium du Montreal stage rally prompted Frank Beyer from upper New York stage to send me an article about the 1975 Criterium du Quebec.  This article about the 1975 Criterium du Quebec was published in the December 1975 issue of the short-lived Rallye magazine.

Cover From The Short-Lived Rallye Magazine

For more information about Rallye magazine look up a story that I posted on this website on November 4, 2013.

This article was written by Doug Shepherd and Gordon Chiasson.  It is interesting that in my recent post about the 1978 Criterium du Molson Doug Shepherd was the co-driver for John Buffum.  There was no mention in the 1975 article if Doug competed in the 1975 Criterium du Quebec in addition to writing about it.

John Buffum and Vicki Won The 1975 Criterium du Quebec

This rally was based in Ste. Agathe, a lovely town north of Montreal.  Years later I competed in the Defi Rally, which was also based in this town, with Tim Penasack in his Audi.  The 1975 Criterium du Quebec was a very tough rally.  There were 34 starters, but only 7 finishers!  By the way, I never finished the rally that I started in Ste. Agathe either and I’m still mad about the turn left at tee that was a drawn as a L3 tulip.

The winners of the 1975 Criterium du Quebec rally were John Buffum with co-driver Vicki driving a Porsche Carrera.  Due to all of the DNFs, they finished 15 minutes ahead of the second place car J. Demers/C. Roy in a Datsun.  It is interesting to note the name of the driver in the 6th place finisher – J. L’Estage.

For the complete Rallye magazine article click on the attached pdf file below.

Criterium du Quebec 1975 Rallye Article

I want to thank Frank Beyer for sending me this article about the 1975 Criterium du Quebec. If you have any questions about this post, please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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My Rally Board Set Up For The Baden Classic

This year, once again I will be navigating for Harald von Langsdorff in the Baden Classic in Germany.  A change this year is that we will be competing in Harald’s 1951 Mercedes-Benz 220 sedan.  This will likely be the oldest car in the rally.  This car is shown below.

Harald von Langsdorff’s 1951 Mercedes-Benz 220

A challenge for me is that this car has no space on top of the dash for rally navigation equipment.  This is shown in the photo below.  The face of the dash is just below the bottom of the window.

Dash Space Is Limited In This Car

The Baden Classic requires the use of only mechanical or electro-mechanical odometers.  For this reason we will use my Prestel+Gemmer electro-mechanical odometer.  We used this odometer last year in this event and it worked well.  Not only is there a space challenge, there is also a time challenge, as we only have one day to set the car up for the rally.

For these reasons, I have decided that the odometer should be mounted on my rally board.  The result is the setup shown below that I have prepared for my rally board.  As can be seen the odometer is mounted on a stand on my rally board.

My Rally Board For The 2017 Baden Classic

The Prestel+Gemmer odometer has a rocker switch on the underside so it cannot sit flat on the board.  The mount solves that problem plus it gives me access to some board area under the Prestel+Gemmer odometer.  The layout below is nearly the final layout, as I still have some note modifications to the clipboard to be assistance in Germany.  In addition, I recently got a new small atomic clock that gets the official German atomic time signal that I want to add to the rallyboard.

This Mount Raises The Odometer Above The Rally Board

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