Canada Track & Traffic Magazine Complete Digital Collection

This past week I was very pleased to be able to acquire a complete digital collection of all of the editions of the magazine “Canada Track & Traffic”.  This was a magazine that I often read when I was teenager and was very much responsible for developing my interest in racing and rallying.  Certainly I was interested in the American muscle cars of those years, but Canada Track & Traffic made me aware that cars had the handle and stop as well.

This magazine was published from 1959 to 1972 and it is extremely interesting to look back on those years as documented in this magazine about the cars, races, rallies, people, and places that seem so familiar despite the passage of time.  What is also interesting is to see the advertisements about cars and products that have long disappeared.  An example is the following advertisement taken from the first edition of Canada Track & Traffic in which the British Ford cars were promoted.  All of those cars have been gone for years.

Remember the Anglia, Prefect, Consul, Zephyr, or the Zodiac? 

The assembly of this digital document is the work of George Webster in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  I was made aware of George’s work by Walt Kammer, a well known rally person in the western New York area.  I was able to contact George as he is making the DVD available to automotive historians for $25 plus shipping and handling ($5 in Canada and $8 in USA), and I acquired the magazine library on a single DVD. And the good thing is that the money from this project will be used to produce other racing archives.  So who know what else might become available in the future!

I don’t want to plaster George’s contact information all over the world, but if anyone is interested in getting this great DVD with the complete set of Canada Track & Traffic, please contact me at my email address below and I’ll put you in contact with George:

shanna12 at comcast dot net

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31 Responses to Canada Track & Traffic Magazine Complete Digital Collection

  1. Jason Fitzpatrick says:

    Afternoon, I am looking for 1 specific edition, it featured a test drive of a 1969 amc big bad green javelin sst 390 go and mod package. The specific car in the test drive is my car (been in the family since new) and I would love a copy of the magazine edition. My name is Jason Fitzpatrick and my email is Thank you very much for your time

  2. Phil Diamond says:

    Love to get the email address to get George’s DVD. Thanks

  3. Matt Cotton says:

    Yes, please tell me how I can purchase the complete collection!! What a find!!!!!
    Best Regards,
    Matt Cotton
    Lake Mohawk, NJ

  4. Kevin says:

    I wanted to get info on our Austin Healey. I have grainy copies of an ad that the the Austin motor company (canada) limited printed about CAN 171 racing healey. It should be in 1960 or 1961

    • Hi Kevin,
      I won’t be able to look through the Canada Track & Traffic collection until next week, but I will see if I can find that advertisement. I’ll let you know.

      Steve McKelvie

    • Hi Kevin,
      I was able to find the advertisement that you are interested in. It appeared in the December 1960 issue of Canada Track & Traffic. I have sent you a private email with a copy of the advertisement. Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

      Steve McKelvie

  5. Joanne Hayes says:

    Hi Steve,

    I would be very interested in locating a hard copy of the Oct 59 edition of Canadian Track & Traffic. The cover shows my dad Fred Hayes in his (then) Allard.

    What would be the best way to track down such a copy?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Joanne Hayes

    • Hi Joanne,
      I really don’t know where you could obtain a hard copy of that magazine. I live in the USA and I hardly ever see any copies of this magazine for sale, never mind the specific issue that you are looking for. I expect that there are collectors who have these magazines, but I don’t know who they are.
      I can send you a pdf electronic copy of that issue, from which you could print the cover, if you want me to. To discuss this matter further contact me via my private email address: shanna12 at comcast dot net
      Steve McKelvie

  6. Lorne Mann says:

    Hi Steve: I have a hard copy of CT&T Oct.1959 , It also has Ron Fawcett in the centre section. I would be happy to copy the book for Jonne Hayes I live in Toronto

  7. Wolfgang says:

    Hello Steve, the owner of a 1968 GTS Mustang in lime green and the one of a 1968 GTS convertible – both sold by Mainway Ford/Toronto in and around March – May 1968 would love to see a sales ad of Mainway Ford Toronto. We have contacted Mainway Fords Performance Manager John Petrie, but he does not remember the specials of 1968. Looking for some mentioning in the above issues. Can you help? Thank you.

    • Hi Wolfgang,
      I took a look through the February to September issues of Canada Track & Traffic and I did not see any advertising or mention of Mainway Ford or the GTS Mustang. Perhaps a search of the Toronto Telegram or Toronto Daily Star archives would be fruitful. Thanks for giving me a good excuse to take a look through those magazines!
      Steve McKelvie

      • Wolfgang says:

        Thank you very much for the time spent. I know what you mean. Digging for one thing always brings up other interesting items. Love my 22 years Mustang archive in my cellar:-)

  8. Rick Rittenberg says:

    Hello Steve, I enjoy your website. If it is still available I would appreciate the email address to get George’s DVD. Thank you, Rick

    • Hi Rick,
      I sent you a private email with the contact information. This magazine is a great source of car activity information in Canada in the 1960s and 70s.
      Steve McKelvie

  9. My Father in law, Ray Carter, was featured on the cover of the September 19, 1959 issue. He had won the Harewood Acres CRDA 500 in his Jaguar XKSS. I only have an image of the cover and was wondering if there was an article in the issue. I would appreciate a copy of anything written and photos of the race. Thanks.
    Jim Huffman

  10. Thanks Steve. Yes Ray Carter is mentioned as coming in 3rd in a race however it seems to be from the September 1 1959 issue. Ray Carter was featured on the cover of the September 19 1959 issue, that is the issue i am wondering if there is an article on his win at Harewood Acres Racetrack. thanks for your quick response. Jim

  11. Robert Charbonneau says:

    I’m very interested in the digital complete Track and Traffic collection. One thing that I need to retrace is a car for sale ad in autumn 63 or early 64 about a racing Cobra offered for sale by Comstock Racing or Ford Canada in he back pages of T&T.

    • Hi Robert,
      I believe that I found the Cobra advertisement in the October 1963 issue of Canada Track & Traffic that you are looking for. I copied it and have sent it to you via a private email message.
      Steve McKelvie

  12. Is this still available? Must have! I have most issues but missing a few. I donated them to the University of Windsor as part of the James C. Mays Automotive Collection. It fills a 30×50′ room in the Leddy Library. I am looking for a T&T test drive of the 1959 Ford Zodiac. I am researching an article on this car for Old Autos. Cheers! -J

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