Returning Items to the Community

So it’s no secret that Steve had a vast collection of… stuff. Over the last year and a half we’ve been working on getting it back out into the community because a lot of it was fairly rare or just oddball stuff.

It’s honestly been a great experience. I’ve gotten to meet so many people that have shared stories of meeting Steve, how he helped them in some way, or even just this site’s existence being a great resource.

We’ve made a good dent in the collection thanks to Eileen in MO grabbing a lot of the rally books, ACP getting the really weird stuff, and Jose wanting one stopwatch to finish a restoration and getting a box full of them instead.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me figure out what everything is and what goes with what. For a lot of things I found, this page was the only resource for them.

I’m still trying to clean out more stuff so you can check out any eBay listings here and if anyone wants crates of rally notes that Steve took, they’re welcome to come to Massachusetts and grab them!

I might also start to post other unidentifiable items up here and see if the community can solve the mystery.

Maybe we should start with this set of spanners. Anyone have a clue as to what they’re for?

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5 Responses to Returning Items to the Community

  1. Mike Tippett says:

    Looks like bicycle tool kits

  2. David Scothorn says:

    I remember them as bicycle spanners. The three on the right hand have levers to change punctured tyres.
    I helped Steve with his Heuers and Haldas.
    I never met Steve, just got close a couple of times in the UK.
    A great Guy.
    Take Care all.

  3. Charlville says:

    Agree, Bicycle spanner set

  4. Steve Keller says:

    Did you sell the HALDA Speedpilots?

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