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The Crosley Hotshot: America’s First Compact Car

In this day of emphasis on building small, fuel-efficient cars, it is rather appropriate to take a look at what could reasonably claimed as America’s first compact car – the Crosley.  Crosley cars were built between 1939 and 1952.  The model featured … Continue reading

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Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

One model of car that you don’t see very often these days is a Chevrolet Vega.  Therefore last year I was surprised to not only see a Vega, but to see the premier model of the Vega, the Vega Cosworth Twin Cam … Continue reading

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The Faster Pastor And His Citroens At Targa Newfoundland

Recently my sister took a vacation to Newfoundland.  Just by coincidence, she had chosen to be in Newfoundland during the same week as Targa Newfoundland was being held.  When I pointed out that she would be there during Targa Newfoundland she asked … Continue reading

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Studebakers Won The First Two Shell 4000 Rallies

This past week Harald von Langsdorff sent me a copy of an article from “Inside Track Motorsport News” magazine about the Shell 4000 rally.  The Shell 4000 rally was the premier North American rally of the 1960s.  There were some changes … Continue reading

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Some Saab Books Added To My Library

Due to some coincidental events, I have added three books about the Saab cars to my library in the last month.  The story about Saab had some great moments, but unfortunately it came to a recent, sad end.  However, all … Continue reading

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A North American Transcontinental Rally Is Planned For 2015

The Endurance Rally Association is planning on holding another North American transcontinental rally in June 2015.  This rally, which will be known as the 2nd Trans American Challenge, will be a follow-up to the inaugural Trans American Challenge that was held … Continue reading

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The Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

Further to my post about the Alfa Romeo photo of the Romano-Biondetti winning car in the 1947 Mille Miglia, I have looked through my information on hand about this car.   I noticed the image below of the entry of Romano-Biondetti in … Continue reading

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