Great Motorcycle Show: Brit-Jam 2011

Last Sunday, August 21, 2011, the British Iron Association of Connecticut held their annual bike show in East Haddam, CT.  I joined my motorcycle club, the British Iron Association of Massachusetts, on a ride down to this show.  There was rain in the forecast, but it held off long enough for us to enjoy the ride and the show.

The British Iron Association of Massachusetts at Brit-Jam 2011

There was a wide variety of motorcycles at this show including the following Dalesman motorcycle which I had never seen before.  Dalesman motorcycles were built in England from 1968 to 1974 using mostly the Austrian 125cc Puch engines.

A Dalesman with a 125cc Puch Engine

As expected, there was a large number of British motorcycles at the show.  I picked out a couple of photos of some of the typical motorcycles that were on display.

 A Big Matchless Single


Norton 750 Commando

There was a group a riders, known as the New England Twiddlers, who rode a variety of small-engined motorcycles to the show.  This was a very interesting group of motorcycles.

The New England Twiddlers Rode to Brit-Jam 2011

As I noted there were bikes of all shapes, sizes ages, and brands including one of my favorite bikes – the Ducati Monster.

Ducati Monster

Brit-Jam 2011 was a great motorcycle show.  I have attended it, along with other riders from the Britsh Iron Association of Massachusetts, for the last three years and I would recommend it to all people who have an interest in motorcycles.  I will be posting more photos from Brit-Jam 2011 in the upcoming days.

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