TJ Grewal Pics of the Ferrari GTO

Just about every Sunday night TJ Grewal sends out some car pictures to a number of people.  I am pleased to be on TJ’s distribution list.  This past Sunday night, TJ sent out some pictures of what he calls “the ultimate Ferrari” – the Ferrari GTO.  It is a spectacular car.

Ferrari GTO

Only 39 of these cars were built, all built to race.  The car’s name, GTO, stands for Gran Turismo Omologato, in other words sanctioned for racing.

The Ferrari GTO was a very successful race car winning the Constructors International Grand Touring Championship in 1962, 1963, and 1964.

The Ferrari GTO was a Successful Racer

Most of the Ferrari GTOs were powered by a 2,953cc V12 overhead camshaft engine that produced about 300 horsepower.  The Ferrari GTO had a 5-speed transmission and weighed about 2,300 pounds. 

The Ferrari GTO Engine was Located Behind the Front Axle Which Allowed for a Lower Front End Profile

The Ferrari GTO shown in the above photo was the car that finished 2nd Overall and first in class at Le Mans in 1963.

This is the View That Most of the GTO’s Competitors Had

If you want to check out TJ Grewal’s website, please go to

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