A Two Course Rally Weekend In Pennsylvania Scheduled For May 2013

A two-course rally weekend will be held this May by the Steel Cities Region, of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) with the back-to-back scheduling of the OR and the Ad-Dressing of Cats II rallies.  The OR is a Regional course rally that will be held on May 18, 2013 and the Ad-Dressing of Cats II will be held the next day on May 19.  These rallies will be held in the vicinity of Murrysville, Pennsylvania which is located just east of Pittsburgh.  The details of the schedule for these two events are as follows:




Late Registration

    12:00    noon

7:00 AM

Route Instructions issued to Car #1

12:31 PM

7:31 AM

Car #1 starts rally

   1:01 PM

8:01 AM

Car #1 finishes rally (approx.)

5:00 PM

1:00 PM

Trophies awarded (or sooner)

6:00 PM

2:00 PM

Note: Cars are spaced   one minute apart.


Entry Fees:     SCCA Members: $35.00 per rally        

Entries must be received by May 15th. No entry fees will be refunded after May 15th.  Car numbers will be drawn on May 12th and General Instructions mailed at that time.

Saturday start of the OR rally:  Murrysview Shops on US Route 22 at the Murrysville-Monroeville line.

Sunday start of the Ad-Dressing of Cats II rally:  Panera Bread on US   Route 22 at Cline Hollow Rd.

The OR rally will be a 65 mile trip within Westmoreland County.  It will feature OR.  The course will be of less than moderate difficulty and feature Open Controls and Do-It-Yourself Controls. The course will not be fast, but the challenge will be in course following. Scenery in the area is superb with many streams and valleys as well as beautiful vistas to enjoy.  Several cars are expected to run clean.

The Ad-Dressing of Cats II rally will be a 60 plus mile challenging adventure through rural Westmoreland County using Open Controls and might include Do-It-Yourself Controls if necessary because of worker shortages.  You may expect to come back clean on Saturday, but a bit of cat litter never hurt anyone, so this rally will be a little more challenging.

The rallymasters for these events can be reached as follows if you have any questions:

OR   Rallymaster:  Chuck Larouere     724/327-1582 chuck660@nb.net

CATS II   Rallymaster:  Bruce Gezon          412/298-2283 smuncher@windstream.net

For the entry form for these two rallies click on the file below:

Rally – Ad-dressing Of Cats II – Flyer – Entry Form

This seems like a good rally weekend with a OR being a great warm-up for the Ad-Dressing of Cats II.

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