Getting Ready For The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

Recently I have been doing some very early preparatory work for the 2019 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.  This rally will be held from January 30 to February 9, 2019.  The rally will start in several cities in Europe and congregate in the south of France in the vicinity of Monaco.  I hope to be able to confirm in a couple of weeks that an entry that I am included on will have been accepted in this rally by the Automobile Club of Monaco.  If selected, our starting city will be Monaco.  The schedule for the Monaco starters is included in the schedule shown below.

Portion Of The Schedule Showing the Key Times For Several Cities, Including Monaco

While the date is missing from this portion of the schedule, the starting time for the first car from Monaco (see the right most column above) will be at 20:00 (10:00PM) on Friday, February 1, 2019.  Note from the top of the column, that they expect 80 cars to be leaving from Monaco.

From Monaco we will have a Passage Control in Roquesteron while on our way to a Time Control in Saint Andre-Les-Alpes.  Four hours has been provided for the Monaco cars to get to Saint Andre-Les-Alpes, as the first car is due at 00:00 (midnight) on Saturday February 2. The out time at the Time Controls is equal to the in-time.  From Sainte Andre-Les-Alpes, we will proceed to the Passage Control at  Riez on our way to the Time Control at Courthezon.  The first Monaco car is expected there at 11:55.  Note by looking at the Barcelone cars, that the Monaco cars are scheduled to arrive in Courthezon just after the last Barcelone car arrives there.

The distance from Sainte Andre-Les-Alpes to Courthezon is about 320 kilometers.  Therefore the goal is to push between Sainte Andre-Les-Alpes and Courthezon so we don’t use up the allotted 11 hours 55 minutes on the road.  Say, for example, if we complete this distance in 8 hours, then we could park near the Courthezon Time Control and grab two or three hours of sleep before checking into the Courthezon Time Control.

The rest of our timing can be seen from the schedule shown.  We will be on the road until we arrive at Valence, France with the first Monaco car due at 18:40 on Saturday February 3 or almost 23 hours on the road after leaving Monaco.

The route instructions provided by the rally organizers are shown below.  As you can see, the provided instructions are the bare minimum needed to follow the rally route.

Typical Page Of Route Instructions For the Concentration Leg

The far left column of the instructions shown above refers to an area that can be found on the readily available Michelin maps.  I have a complete set of Michelin Maps for the area of France in the vicinity of Monaco.  Michelin Map 341 is suitable for the Monaco area and I have presented an image from that map below.

A Portion of Michelin Map Showing The Area Around Monaco

Further during my preparation work, I will plot our rally route on these maps.  The scale of Michelin Map 341 is 1:150000 or 1 inch equals 2.37 miles.

Once we all get to Valence, then the 2019 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique will begin in earnest.  This year there will be 15 timed regularity stages.  These stages are known as ZRs.  When we area traveling on a ZR, the roads are open to the public. The rally instructions provided to us for each ZR will be a little different and more information will be provided as compared to the normal route instructions.  This is illustrated below where you can see the instructions prepared for ZR-4.  ZR-4 is a 49 kilometer regularity section starting in Burzet and ending in LaChampe Raphael.

Note the Instructions Provided When Traversing A ZR section.

The bold type in the above image shows the Regularity Section route instructions.  In addition to the written instructions shown above, the organizers have provided map images of the routes via internet.  The base map of the ZR is provided by the rally organizers.  I have enhanced these maps as shown below.  The direction of the rally cars is indicated below via red arrow.   The instructions to follow this route are shown above.

Map Showing ZR-4.

As the Michelin Maps along with the available route maps are not particularly detailed, a number of rally teams use the services of an experienced note taker to prepare route instructions that are more suitable for the rally.  My owner will be getting a full set of route instructions from a Danish team.  A sample of the Route Book that this Danish team will prepare for us is shown below.

Sample Page From Previous Route Book

The Danish Roadbook for RMCH 2019, produced by a team led by Per Brodersen, Otto Kristensen (Winner 2002) and Arne Pagh.  All of the involved people live in Denmark and are highly experienced co-drivers and organizers, as well as experienced participants in the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.

Itinerary and Regularity tests are measured and will be checked at 2 independent passages to ensure unmatched accuracy. Emphasis is based on the characteristics in terrain and are clear and easy to identify. Measurements in the Roadbook are indicated with one-meter accuracy (example 12.203).

When the Roadbooks are completed in January, the Concentration Leg, overview map and GPS route will be sent by mail to the customers while the other Roadbooks will be handed over at the common destination, Buis-les-Baronnies, Drôme or in Valence. Delivery time and place are agreed to individually.

Below is the service coverage provided by this Danish Group.

Itineraries Distance GPS route Map Roadbook
Glasgow 2159 km Most likely Most likely From Reims
Athens 1489 km On request No No
Bad Homburg 1175 km Yes Yes Yes
Barcelona 929 km On request No No
Reims 950 km Yes Yes Yes
Milan 832 km On request No No
Monte-Carlo 729 km Yes Yes Yes

Danish Road Book Coverage

There are a number of packages available.  The following is a general listing but for more detail check out their website at the following link:

Te following is an overview of the levels available:

Pro Level if you want all the best.

  • Roadbooks printed professionally in A5-format, one for each day.
  • Maps with entered routes, ZR’s, time controls and suggestions for service points
  • Booklet with photos at important road junctions on the ZR’s
  • GPS route with complete itinerary programmed in Garmin Basecamp.
    Developed to a Garmin Nüvi 3597
    Test needed on other models.
  • Safety pace notes on selected sections are integrated in the Roadbook.
  • Blueprint for own recce is possible
  • Ice pilot SMS information during the event – no suggestions – just facts

Basic Level.

  • Roadbooks printed professionally in A5-format, one for each day.
  • Maps with entered routes, ZR’s, time controls and suggestions for service
  • Booklet with photos from all important road junctions on the ZR’s

Buy Ice pilot SMS

  • Ice pilot SMS information during the event – no suggestions – just facts

There is a lot of preparation for the 2019 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and I look forward to getting confirmation of our selection in the upcoming weeks.

If you have any comments or questions about this post then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net


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