Some Photos From The 2018 Lime Rock Historic Festival

Once again I was lucky enough to be the guest of Bob Melhado, the Chief Steward at the Lime Rock Historic Festival.  This festival is held every Labor Day weekend at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut.  It really is a special weekend.  As no racing is allowed on Sunday at Lime Rock, Sunday has a great car show all around the race track.  I can’t recommend it enough.  I have included some of the pictures of the cars that I saw today.  It was spectacular!

A Bug-Eye Sprite

The featured marque this year was Bugatti.  There were dozens of Bugatti.  Possibly this was the largest gathering of Bugatti cars ever on the east coast of the USA.

A 1930 Bugatti Type 44

Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti

Another Beautiful Bugatti

One of My Favorite Cars – A Maserati 300S

1951 Ferrari 195

1954 Siata 200CS Coupe

1965 Alpine A110

Lancia Stratos

Another Fast Lancia

1954 Nash Healey

A Late 1930s Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Racer

One of the Legendary Fabulous Hudson Hornets

A Lovely Riley

The Last Of The LaSalles – A 1940 Convertible

A 1930s Aston Martin

This is just a small sample of the cars that were at Lime Rock today.  Mark you calendars now for next Labor Day weekend.

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7 Responses to Some Photos From The 2018 Lime Rock Historic Festival

  1. Steve, Do you happen to recall who was the owner of the ’65 A110? Just wondering… Walt

    Sent from Hauwei M3

  2. Mike Young says:

    Thanks for sharing. Excellent photos. All too often at car chows, the cars are so packed together that it is hard to get an unobstructed shot. BTW, what camera and lenses did you use?

    • Hi Mike,
      Nothing special – a Canon Rebel T3 with a 18 – 55 lens. I am semi looking for a similar lens but with a bigger aperture. I agree that many times the cars are parked to close to each other or there can be some other kind of car show paraphernalia in the way. Also a problem can frequently be other spectators looking at the car. I just have to be patient or move on to another car and then return to the target car in a few minutes.
      Steve McKelvie

  3. Greg G says:

    Didja know Clark Kent (a mild mannered reporter for a large metropolitan newspaper) had a Has Healy???

  4. Greg G says:

    Nash Healey.

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