Great American Mountain Rally Revival Now Open For Entries

I am pleased to announce that the Great American Mountain Rally Revival will be open to all entries as of midnight tonight.  Until now we only announced that entries were open to those people who had previously expressed interest in this rally.

The Great American Mountain Rally Revival will be held on Oct 12-14, 2018.  The Great American Mountain Rally Revival will be a SCCA New England Regional regularity rally of approximately 700 miles.  A descriptive format, similar to that used in the original Great American Mountain Rally, will be used for the route instructions supplemented by copies of the 1953 Mobilgas Road Maps of Southern and Northern New England.  This rally will be a revival of the Great American Mountain Rally which was the first FIA listed rally in the United States and was held between 1953 and 1957.  This rally is well suited for inexperienced as well as veteran rallyists.  The Great American Mountain Rally Revival will start in Brewster, NY on Friday October 12 and end in Bennington, Vermont on Sunday October 14.  Paved and unpaved roads are utilized.  The rally is hosted by the New England Region of the Sports Car Club of America (NER/SCCA).

All competitors will issued the following commemorative license plates and similar door stickers with numbers.

Great American Mountain Rally License Plate

Due to limitations in accommodation capacity along the route, the number of entries will be limited to 35 cars.

Final registration and scrutineering will take place on Friday Oct 12, 8:00AM-10:30AM at the Salem Golf Course in Brewster, NY.  Come to the final registration early, attend an optional rally school, and enjoy breakfast snacks.

The first car will be off at 11:00 AM plus car number in minutes.  The finish will be on Sunday Oct 14 at approximately 2:00PM at Hemmings Motor News in Bennington, Vermont.

The competitive classes will be based on the model year of cars: Original: <1958, Classic 1958-1989, Modern: 1990 to Present

Only roads appearing on the provided 1953 Mobilgas maps will used on the rally.

The use of rally odometers and watches/clocks will be the same for all classes and restricted to equipment similar to that used in the original Great American Mountain Rally:

  • Rally odometers with up to 2 distance displays are permitted; rally computers providing average speed information are not allowed, except for Halda Speedpilots which were used during the original rally.
  • Mechanical calculators and slide rules are permitted; electronic calculators are not.
  • Paper speed tables are permitted; electronic speed tables are not.
  • Clocks and stopwatches are permitted without restriction.
  • GPS mapping assists are not permitted.

The registration fee is $1,350 per vehicle which includes Friday and Saturday night hotels, breakfasts, dinners, route instructions, maps, rally plates, rally garments for the crew, door stickers, sweep truck services, rally school, and awards.  We had hoped for a lower registration fee, but some anticipated sponsorship funds did not materialize.  Also getting accommodation in the New England area at each location for one night only proven challenging due to competition from “leaf peepers”.

The following is a link to the Motorsport Registration page:

General Instructions will be posted on the New England Region website: www.ner.orgs

We are excited about the entries that we have received so far.  Jeffery Givens of Kansas will be driving his red 1959 TR3A with chrome wire wheels.  He has owned the car since 1969 and has put a little over 380,000 miles on it. About 20,000 miles ago it had a complete engine, trans, overdrive, and rear end rebuild.

Harald von Langsdorff is coming down from Canada with his 1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SLC which has a significant Great Race competition history.

Harald von Langsdorff’s Mercedes-Benz 350SLC

If you have any questions about the Great American Mountain Rally Revival then please call the Rallymaster: Gary Hamilton: 978-500-8039 or E-mail questions to: (preferred).  I will be the Rally Chairman.  I look forward to seeing you all there.  I will have more information about this rally in the following days.

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