Mark Donohue’s Elva Formula Junior Car

I got a comment last week about an image of an Elva Formula Junior car that was once owned and driven by Mark Donahue.  The commenter was not able to load the photo, but I was able to get a copy of the image that the commenter was trying to forward.  This photo is shown below.

An Elva Formula Junior Car Once Owned By Mark Donohue

I had difficulty finding the racing record of this car this car but once again Gary Cassaboom came to my rescue.  He provided the racing record of this car while in the ownership of Mark Donohue.

Mark Donohue’s Racing Record With The Elva Formula Junior Car

Date Location Car # Result Comment
12/10/1961 Nassau Bahamas Speedweeks 000 P-4 New car. First open wheel race
2/11/1962 Daytona FJ Preliminary 00 DNF Engine
3/23/1962 Sebring FJ Preliminary 28 Q-1 but DNF Frame cracked (patch repair)
4/15/1962 Marlboro Nationals 00 P-2 Spent summer on frame fix
8/4/1962 Lime Rock 000 DNF Still concern about frame
1/6/1963 Marlboro 100 P-1 Sold to Charlie Hayes at track
1/7/1963 Marlboro DNF Charlie Hayes

From the above record it appears that the car only was moderately successful while in the ownership of Mark Donohue.  It seems that the car’s frame cracked    on the notoriously rough surface of the Sebring track.  Donohue spent a great deal of time and money fixing this car, especially the car’s frame.  Then when Mark Donohue won a race at Marlboro, it was the time to sell the car, so he immediately sold the car to Charlie Hayes right at the track and Hayes raced the car the next day at Marlboro.

The car is shown below while Donohue was racing the car at Sebring in 1962.

Beginning of the Formula Junior race (Photo: Tom Bigelow)

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2 Responses to Mark Donohue’s Elva Formula Junior Car

  1. Todd J Holbert says:

    I had found a picture that I swore was Mark on the start line at Sebring in 62 in this car. He’s buckling in with some help. Couldn’t find any info on him competing though. Great info here!

  2. Daryl Wilson says:

    Mark reported the frame problem to Elva right away. Elva sent him a replacement frame quickly. I do not know if the new frame was in the car in August of 62.

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