I Add A GaugePilot Rally Computer To My Rally Navigator Tool Box

This spring I added a GaugePilot rally computer to my rally navigator toolbox.  This is a very capable and flexible rally computer.  It is styled after the Halda Speedpilot, but it is much more than that.  The GaugePilot can have many different configurations depending upon the needs and/or regulations of the rally.  Certain features can be “locked out” for the duration of the rally to give the rally organizers confidence that only the allowed rally features of the GaugePilot are being used during that car rally.

One of the basic displays, the TwinMaster display is shown below.  It has the same features as the Halda Twinmaster plus in the bottom right corner of the display the rally time in hours:minutes:seconds is shown.

GaugePilot TwinMaster Display

In the above display the three knobs across the bottom of the GaugePilot can be used to adjust the upper cumulative distance display and/or the lower incremental distance display.  The knob on the left can be used to set the direction of the odometers to forward, park or reverse.

The GaugePilot TwinTime display shown below is similar to the TwinMaster display with the addition of a digital stopwatch display.  Within the TwinTime display there is an option to have the stopwatch function in a way that is advantages for Regularity Sections or one that is more advantages for Jogularity Sections.  All of the odometer features of the TwinMaster display are also available with the TwinMaster display.

GaugePilot TwinTime Display

When the rally regulations allow computers with average speed capability, GaugePilot has several options.  The display shown below is based on the Halda Speedpilot.  The left side of the screen shows the target average speed and a single display odometer.  The right side display shows whether the car is running ahead or behind of the average speed.  The display is useful for sections that are timed to the minute.

GaugePilot Speedpilot Display

For sections timed to the second,  the GaugePilot RallyMaster display shown below is quite useful.  The upper left number is the target average speed.  The upper center number is the rally time of day.  The upper right number is the total distance traveled.  The center dial is a visual display comparing the car’s progress with the perfect time with a range of plus/minus 20 seconds.  When the difference exceeds this range a digital display showing the difference will appear.  The number at the center bottom of the display shows the incremental distance traveled.

GaugePilot RallyMaster Display

The GaugePilot can also be used as a pure stopwatch.  The display below shows that the GaugePilot can have two stopwatches.  This display is useful in rally tests run against the clock.

Gaugepilot Twin Stopwatch Display

While so far I have been concentrating on the car rally features of the GaugePilot, it also has many “gauge” features as well.  GaugePilot can be used to display lots of engine monitoring gauges dealing with temperatures and pressures.  This is a great feature as it provides a single easily installed computer that can show accurate engine parameters in a car that might not have such displays provided in the instrument panel.  For the purposes of my needs, the photo below shows a speedometer (in miles per hour) and a tachometer.  Many other gauge display options are available.

Gaugepilot Typical Gauge Display

Not only can the GaugePilot display engine data, it can also record engine data as well.  This feature can be useful in tracking down mechanical issues or for reminding owners of oil changes, as shown below.

GaugePilot Data Recording Example

The pictures shown in this post are not particularly clear as they were taken on my basement workbench during some testing.

I have competed in two rallies using the GaugePilot, but due to the regulations of those rallies, I have not used all of the features of the GaugePilot in competition conditions.  I recently have been using my GaugePilot to measure the distances for the upcoming Great American Mountain Rally Revival.  Each time the GaugePilot has worked well.

My GaugePilot is the “Rally” model.  There is an upscale GaugePilot, the “Rally Pro” model that has more features aimed particularly at events such as the Mille Miglia.  My “Rally” model would also be suitable for the Mille Miglia, except that it would require more on-the-road input from the navigator.

Nigel Cousins of Hambly Industries,aker of the GaugePilot, has been a great source of support for me for the GaugePilot.  If you want more information about the GaugePilot, then check out the GaugePilot website via the following link:


If you have any questions or comments about this post or the GaugePilot then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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