Triumph Works TR3 Rally Car, TRW 736, Soon Coming To America

I recently got an email from Hans Abrahams about a wonderful Triumph TR3 Works rally car that he has acquired.  This Works rally car was registered on April 4, 1957 as TRW 736. This car, in its present condition, is shown below.

1957 Triumph TR3 Works Rally Car

This car is one of three Works rally cars that were prepared and registered by Standard Triumph in 1957.  The three Works rally cars were consecutive registered as TRW 735, TRW 736, and TRW 737.

Note The Small Bumperettes

Both the Triumph TR3 and the earlier Triumph TR2 have a low door line that is reminiscent of some other post war cars.  The lines on these cars are quite stylish.

The Triumph TR3 Cars Had The Low Cut Door Line

This Triumph TR3 has the “smallmouth” grille that is quite similar to the Triumph TR2 cars.  Later Triumph TR3 cars had a grille that extended across the whole front of the car.

The 1957 Triumph TR3 Retained The “Smallmouth” Grille Of The TR2 Cars

The standard engine in the Triumph TR3 cars was a 1,991cc 4-cylinder engine.  In its standard form, the engine produced about 100 horsepower.

The 1991cc Engine In The Triumph TR3

This car was a rally car from day one and it is still configured as a rally car.  Hans has plans to enter this car in several rallies in Europe before he brings the car to the USA.  It looks like it is ready to go!

The Interior Is Set-Up For Competition

The car is fully equipped with a Brantz rally odometer and a Brantz Rally Timer mounted in a very visible location in front of the navigator, therefore Triumph TRW 736 can be competitive in a car rally in its current form.

Rally Odometer Along With Rally Timer Foretells Future Rallies For This Car

For the 1957 Tulip Rally, Standard Triumph entered a three-car rally team. TRW 735 was driven by Tom Gold, but it did not finish.  TRW 736 was driven by John Waddington to a 1st in class win, and Triumph TRW 737 was driven by Paddy Hopkirk to a third in class finish. 

John Waddington, Tom Gold, And June Gold With The Triumph Team Cars Before The 1957 Tulip Rally

Initially I did not know the location of the picture shown below, but I was informed by Fred Gallagher that this photo was taken at the Zandvoort track.  This photo was taken during the final special test that was part of the 1957 Tulip Rally.

The Final Special Test At The Zandvoort Track During The 1957 Tulip Rally

The picture shown below shows Bernard Consten on his way to a third place overall finish in the 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally.  The Triumph TR3 cars won the Team Award at the 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally.

Triumph TRW 736 In The 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally

At the 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally,  TRW 735 was driven by Maurice Gatsonides to a fifth place finish, as noted before Bernard Consten finished 3rd in TRW 736, and Alain de Changy finished 9th Overall in TRW 737.  These great finishes in this notoriously long, rough, and fast rally gave the Triumph Works team the Overall Team Award.

Triumph TRW 736 Finished 3rd Overall In The 1957 Liege-Rome-Liege Rally

If you have any questions or comments about this post or this car, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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5 Responses to Triumph Works TR3 Rally Car, TRW 736, Soon Coming To America

  1. Ross says:

    Hi do you know how much 736 sold for?
    Also do you know the whereabouts of 735?

  2. Roger Farmer says:

    Dear Steve,
    I can tell you about TRW 737. On 16th December 1957 the car was collected from Coventry by the rally driver Betty Haig, the car was prepared by Ken Richardson. The car then competed in the 1958 Monte Carlo Rally of 21st/29th January 1958. The car was sold on 19 May 1958 to Coseus Garage. The car is still in existence and now painted yellow. I have written about the car and the rally in my new biography: Betty Haig – A life behind the wheel.
    Roger Farmer

    • Hi Roger,
      Thank you for that information. Tell me more about the Betty Haig book.
      Steve McKelvie

      • Roger Farmer says:

        Following four years of research, I am shortly to publish the biography of Betty Haig. I have been fortunate in having been given family access to her records, photographs and memorabilia. I have now completed a 265 page biography with over 200 illustrations that catalogue the life of this extraordinary woman. This book reveals far more about the life of rally driver Betty Haig than she would ever have committed to print. Betty owned over 100 vehicles of all descriptions during a competition driving career that lasted over 30 years. She is best remembered today as the co-founder of the Historic Sports Car Club, but she did so much more! Betty’s world was populated by a cast of characters that would not seem out of place in a novel. Sometimes the truth is far stranger than fiction.

        Betty Haig – A life behind the wheel ISBN of 1789260191

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