2018 Trans America Challenge: Travel From New Orleans to Santa Fe

Today is a rest day for the 2018 Trans America Challenge rally.  We are in Santa Fe enjoying the slightly cooler weather and catching up on the list of things that we all are juggling while taking part in this wonderful rally.

When we left New Orleans we put on a picnic lunch for the competitors along the Gulf of Mexico.  We were at a covered pavilion with a cool breeze in a state park.  We had looks of fresh foods for the competitors.  On the way to the picnic location we had to slow to allow an alligator to cross the road!

The Endurance Rally Crew Preparing A Picnic Lunch Along The Gulf Of Mexico

Later in the day as we made our way to Galveston, Texas, we had to take the Highway 82 ferry to get across the Calcasieu Lake/River outlet.

Taking The Highway 82 Ferry

Later that day the rally route took the competitors very close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Traveling Along The Gulf Of Mexico Shore

When we left Galveston the next day and got deeper into Texas we saw the following interesting sign along the side of the road.  We understand that there was a nearby prison.

Interesting Sign In Texas

Our second night in Texas was spent in Austin.  The weather during these days was quite hot with near record temperatures in the southern USA.

Competitors Arriving At The Hotel In Austin

The next morning we set up a Passage Control at Dead Man’s Hole.  The story of this hole is presented on the plaque below.

Passage Control At Dead Man’s Hole

Just south of Amarillo there was a test at the Route 66 Speedway.  It was great fun and it gave the competitors the opportunity to give their cars a workout.

Test Start At The Route 66 Speedway

The cars had to negotiate a number of cones that were laid out around the dirt track.

John & Nicole Whitelock On Track With Their 1938 Ford Coupe

Upon leaving Amarillo the rally route took the competitors to the Cadillac Ranch which is  series of Cadillacs buried in a farmer’s field.  These cars have been there for many years.

Cadillacs At The Cadillac Ranch


Jim Smith & Mark Appleton Discuss A Passage Control At The Cadillac Ranch

A great deal of the morning after leaving Amarillo was spent traveling on the old Route 66.  Route 66 was the major east-west road in the 1950s until Interstate 40 was built.  Then the traffic was greatly reduced along Route 66 and many business failed and resulting in many abandoned buildings.

I’m Sure That At One Time This Was Modern, But Not Now

As we got closer to Santa Fe we got to see some great views.

On the Way To Santa Fe

For more information about the Trans America Challenge check out the Endurance Rally Association website via the following link:


If you have any questions about the Trans America Challenge or this post, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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