2018 Trans America Challenge Rest Day In New Orleans

I am working with the Endurance Rally Association crew to put on the 2018 Trans America Challenge car rally which started in Charleston, SC and will end in Seattle, WA.  The rally passed through New Orleans and Day 8 of the rally was a rest day in New Orleans.  I mostly worked to get caught up on a number of things that we left undone or half done.  However at night I caught the 6:00 show of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  I make it a point to see them every time that I’m in New Orleans.  Preservation Hall is located on St. Peter Street just off Bourbon Street.  It doesn’t look like much, but the old time New Orleans jazz that is played there is special.

Inside Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is not a big place.  I have been in living rooms that are bigger.  In fact, that is what it feels like.  It feels like you are in their living room and listening to them jammin’, having fun.  The picture above was taken from the last row of seats.  People are sitting on the floor, at the musician’s feet.  There were a few people standing behind me.  It is an experience as much as it is a show.

Preservation Hall is a great place to visit for an evening show.  Go early and save the Bourbon Street festivities for later.

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