2018 Trans America Challenge Days 4 Through 7

After a rest day in Nashville we got on the road again.  While in Nashville we took the opportunity to catch up on some needed sleep.  We also took in some local live music and enjoyed some local libations as well.  We left Nashville headed for Memphis on the Natchez Trace Parkway.

The Natchez Trace Is Like A Tree-Lined Paved Country Road

We stopped for lunch at the Outpost Café.  It was an interesting place.  I highly recommend ordering their “Hog Fries”.

Rally Cars At The Outpost Cafe

The Outpost Café has good food and lots of interesting things to see and purchase.  I also got an idea for all of those unused fishing floats that I have.

Interesting Pepper Shaker

When we left Memphis we passed through Tupelo on the way to Jackson, MS.  In Tupelo we were warmly welcomed at the Tupelo Automotive Museum.  They have a very impressive collection of cars from the very old to some modern cars.  Tupelo is also the birthplace of Elvis Presley and we took a drive past his birthplace.

Some of the cars that we saw in the Tupelo Automotive Museum are shown below.

1939 Graham

The Mustang shown below was a very early 1964 1/2 model.  It was one of the very few Mustangs that I have seen that have a 260 cubic inch V8 engine.  Most of the early Mustangs had the 289 cubic inch V8 engine.

A 1964-1/2 Mustang Convertible

As many who read this will know, the Tucker cars are very rare.  I think that fewer than 50 were built before Tucker succumbed to the pressures of trying to get these cars into production.  These were innovative cars that were ahead of their time.

A Rare Tucker

The museum also had a DeLorean which is a rather infamous, but well-known car.  The gull-wing doors and the stainless steel body are very distinctive.

A DeLorean

Another interesting car at the museum was the 1974 Volkswagen SP-2.  This was a car built in Brazil for the South American market.  As far as I know it was not sold in America.  Too bad!

1974 Volkswagen SP-2

I am at the 2018 Trans-America Challenge as part of the Endurance Rally Association crew that is putting this car rally on.  One of our crew members is Mike Halley, as USA stage rally legend. Legend or not, bugs will still bite you, so Mike was fully prepared to work one of the controls in the deep woods.

Mike Halley Dressed for Action!

At this time we are in New Orleans enjoying another rest day.  Bourbon Street in New Orleans is quite a sight to see.

Heading Across The World’s Longest Freshwater Bridge Into New Orleans For Unknown Adventures

For more information, reports and results check the website of the Endurance Rally Association at the following link:


If you have any comments or questions about this post or the Trans-America Challenge, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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