Day 1 Of The Trans America Challenge Leads To Charlotte

The 2018 Trans America Challenge got on the road today as we drove from Charleston, SC to Charlotte, NC.   Mark Appleton and I were in Car 0.  Our role was to ensure that the controls and other things along the way were properly set up for the rally cars arriving after us.

Setting Up A Regularity Control

It was an interesting day as far as the roads were concerned and for me, it was also interesting as I got a upclose look at the way the Endurance Rally Association sets up and scores a rally.  It is clear that these folks know what they are doing.

Scene At One Of This Afternoon’s Time Controls 

At the end of the day the rally ended at the NASCAR  Hall of Fame in Charlotte.  I did not have too much time to look around, but I did manage to see one of the Fabulous Hudson Hornets.

One Of The Fabulous Hudson Hornets At The NASCAR Hall Of Fame

Tomorrow we are going to Highlands, NC which is getting into the Appalachian Mountains.  I trust  that things will look better during the rally than they did during the recce last September in the aftermath of a hurricane!

Day 1 Provisional Rally Leader: Urbina/Pike In A 1936 Ford Cabriolet

If you have any comments about this post or the Trans America Challenge, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net


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3 Responses to Day 1 Of The Trans America Challenge Leads To Charlotte

  1. John Mattern says:

    Where are they stopping for lunch in Asheville ,NC on Monday 5/28

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