2018 Baden Classic Car Rally

At the 2018 Baden Classic Harald von Langsdorff and I finished fourth in a our class, but did manage a win as part of the top team.  The picture below shows our team.  On the photo left are Sarah Bittmann and Bernhard Hornung, Harald and I in the middle, with Fred Schmeiser and Karin Gentry on the right.  The three fellows on the right in the dark grey shirts are some of the rally officials.

We Won The Overall Team Prize

Our teammates Fred Schmeiser and Karin Gentry competed in the MGB GT shown below.  Fred and Karin have competed in the Baden Classic many times.  Karin worked for BMW in the USA for several years and speaks perfect English.

Fred Schmeiser And Karin Gentry’s 1970 MGB GT

Our other teammates Bernhard Hornung and Sarah Bittmann also competed in a MG product, but in their case it was an older 1959 MGA 1500.  Bernhard and Sarah did very well with a win in our class.

1959 MGA 1500

There were a number of other interesting cars competing in the Baden Classic.  One that I liked was the red 1966 Triumph TR4A shown below.

A Very Nice Triumph TR4A

The Triumph was fitted with nice wide rim wire wheels with oversized tires.  The dual exhausts sounded good as well.

The 1966 Triumph TR4A Was A Very Well Prepared And Presented Car

Another regular competitor in the Baden Classic is Roland Schmidt in the Ford GT40 replica shown below.  It looks great and sounds great with the Ford V8 engine.

A Very Impressive GT40 Replica

What would a classic car rally be without a Mini Copper?  From the rally stickers on the side of the 1967 Mini Cooper S shown below it is clear that this car is actively rallied.  The number “37” on the side of this Mini Cooper S is an honored number in Mini Cooper lore.

1967 Mini Cooper S

I have a fondness for Volvo PV544 cars due to having competed in one in the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.  The 1961 Volvo PV544 shown below is a very nice rally car.

A Very Well Prepared 1961 Volvo PV544

After the Baden Classic car rally was over, I saw a new Fiat 124 that was parked at the Hotel Krone in Forch, Germany where I was staying.  I was very impressed by this car.  If you are considering a modest new two-seat sports car, then I would include this on your potential list.  It looks great!

A New Fiat 124

After the car rally was over we spent the next day sight seeing in the Black Forest area.  I will be posting some pictures from that trip in the next few days.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this post, then you can leave a message below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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