Day 2 Recce For the 2018 Great American Mountain Rally Revival

This past weekend Gary Hamilton and I went out for our second weekend of the recce for the Great American Mountain Rally Revival.  While we had successes, we did have many challenges this weekend.  This report and photos outline some of each.

The Rally Roads Through The Green Mountains  Interesting, But Not Yet Too Green!

The roads through the mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire are interesting, but it is too early for the leaves to come out.  In October, during the rally, we expected the scene to be quite colorful.

Even In Late April Snow Was Present Along Many Of The Roads

Snow remnants were quite common and many of the lakes were still covered in ice.  Recent rain along with some frost heaves made the roads extra challenging.

Many Of The lakes Were Still Ice Covered

All of the rivers along and across the rally route were flowing full.

There Was Lots Of Water In The Gorge


All Of The Streams From The Mountains Were Flowing Full

We were frustrated that several of the roads that we are planning on having as part of the rally were closed to us at this time.

We Soon Found Out The Exact Meaning Of The Sign

On road that we are using started out with a sign saying that the road was not maintained for winter travel.  After following the road for several miles, we came to a major snowbank where the snowplow had simply stopped plowing and left a large snowbank across the road.  In addition, there was a downed tree on the other side of the snowbank.

This Snowbank Marked The Limit Of The Road That Was Plowed

While we were discussing whether on not to press on and wondering what else lay before us and second truck came along.  They agreed to try the snowbank first as we could pull them out with our Toyota FourRunner an a tow strap.  Then we would travel together further down the road and assist each other as needed.

Another Truck Came Along And Agreed To Try It First

Our traveling partners made it over this snowbank, lowering it somewhat, and we soon followed.  Further down the road, the lead truck got stuck on another snowbank across the road.  We were able to pull them out, they made it on the second attempt and then stood by as we challenged the large snowbank.  We made it over the snowbank.  This will be a great rally road in the fall, before next year’s snow.

We Made It Over The Bank As Well And Later Pulled The Lead Truck Out Of Another Snowbank

The sign shown below is a reminder that what goes up also goes down.

The Road Is Steep In Places!

The rally will be made up of a mix of transit sections and regularity sections. Below is an example of both the end of one regularity section and the start of the next regularity section.

Stop And Start Of A Regularity Section

We were pleased that we are able to include multiple covered bridges as part of the Great American Mountain Rally Revival.

A Rally In New England Has To Include A Covered Bridge

The Great American Mountain Rally Revival will end at Hemmings  Motor News in Bennington, Vermont.  It was raining when Gary Hamilton and I got there on Sunday afternoon.

Hemmings Motor News Headquarters

At Hemmings, they have an interesting store that also is a fully functioning gas station.  I was able to buy an interesting sign and a couple of books.  They also had an interesting car hauler in the yard as well.

Hemmings Motor News Store Includes A Functioning Gas Station

Gary & I will have to go out again in order to see the rally roads that were still closed due to snow and ice.  We need warmer and drier weather.

If you have any questions or comments about the Great American Mountain Rally Revival or this post, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

For specific questions about the Great American Mountain Rally Revival, send a message to GAMRR2018 at gmail dot com

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2 Responses to Day 2 Recce For the 2018 Great American Mountain Rally Revival

  1. Gary Spicer says:

    Hello Steve,
    What is the projected ratio of paved to loose-surface roads for the GAMRR? I’m just thinking about appropriate tires and/or vehicle.

    • Hi Gary,
      I would estimate that 90% of the route is asphalt and 10% gravel/dirt. The gravel roads that we have been on were smooth and hard packed. During the recce there were some soft frost heaves, but obviously those will be gone by October. The gravel roads were not very “gravelly”, more like hard packed sand. The speeds on the gravel sections will be 25 to 35 mph so special tires will not be required for these limited road conditions. During the Day 1 recce, we did follow a questionable dirt road, but we eliminated that road from the rally.
      Steve McKelvie

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