Team Silver Baron 2018 Great Race “Hero” Cards

The 2018 Great Race is coming up soon and once again I will be part of Team Silver Baron as we compete is this 9-day long car rally from Buffalo, NY to Halifax, NS.  As has been done on several other events that the Team Silver Baron has competed, team cards or “hero” cards have been prepared which describe the team and the car.  These are then displayed on the windshield during the nightly car stops/car shows and interested spectators can pick them up and read all about the car.  Harald von Langsdorff is the team owner and driver, while I am the navigator.

Front Side Of The Team Silver Baron “Hero” Card

Back Side Of The Team Silver Baron “Hero” Card

The information about the car is quite helpful.  The exhaust system on the Mercedes-Benz is not particularly quiet.  It sounds very much like an American V8 engine.  Several times during last year’s Great Race, Harald would get approached and be asked what engine was in the car as the traditional Mercedes-Benz external model emblem has been removed.  Harald would say:”It’s a 350″.  The inquirer would say something about the power of the engine and it would become clear that the inquirer was thinking  that the car was powered by a 350 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 engine.  Eventually it would get sorted out that the car model is a 350SLC  with a 3.5 liter Mercedes-Benz V8 engine, not the Chevrolet V8.

The first outing for this car in 2018 will be the Rally Round The Erie Canal rally on May 4-6 in Fairport, New York.  This is a Speed-Time rally with the Northeast Rally Club.Story

If you have any comments or questions about the post, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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3 Responses to Team Silver Baron 2018 Great Race “Hero” Cards

  1. automotorist says:

    That’s a brilliant idea! I’m often disappointed at car shows when you have questions but the owner is nowhere to be found.

  2. Gary Spicer says:

    Although we would normally spend July 1 (Canada Day) in my home town of Hantsport, Nova Scotia, I may just be enticed to head to Halifax to see the finish of the Great Race. If so, we’ll keep an eye (and ear) open for Team Silver Baron. Good luck Steve and Harald!

    • Hi Gary,
      It is not too far from Hantsport to Halifax and it should be a great finish in Halifax. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t hear a pipe band or two. Be sure to look us up and say hi. They always have a dedicated parking area where the cars are directed to park. Lots of cars to see.
      Steve McKelvie

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