The Upcoming Absolute Zero and the Route Of All Evil Rallies

I got an interesting email this afternoon from Frank Beyer.  Frank is an excellent car rally competitor, nice guy, and further, Frank likes the put interesting rallies together.  So when Frank says that he is working on a couple of rallies for this year, then I pay attention.  The two rallies that Frank is working on are the Absolute Zero and the Route of All Evil.  The flyer below provides an outline and dates for these rallies.

At this time, I only know two things about these rallies – what is in the flyer and that I am going to try to compete in one or both of them.

For more information about these rallies, it is best to contact Frank as outlined in the flyer above.  If you have any comments about this post, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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4 Responses to The Upcoming Absolute Zero and the Route Of All Evil Rallies

  1. Darrel Huckabay says:

    Amazing in California in 1968 we had gone well beyond the use of pencil and paper only for navigating TSD rallies. The Halda Twinmaster together with a Curta were very common. Even in the late 1950s we were using auxiliary 0.01 mile odometers and binary slide rules.

  2. Greg G says:

    Hmmm early 70’s found my brother and I involved in The Northeast Performance Rally Series, and the Parelli Atlantic Rally Challenge Series. We finished consistently in top 10 of the unequipped classes using the Head light Tail light timing method or the settling dust method corrected for humidity and wind on unpaved sections. Those were the days of getting up early Saturday,driving to central Jersey or central Ma, driving a 300 mile event starting at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, finishing at 6 or 7 am, collecting trophies at 11am then driving four or five hours home. Always did our best work between the mid night rest break and sun up. Greg G

  3. Mike Mazoway says:

    I checked the route for Absolute Zero on Friday and the course is very interesting. After spending about 10 hours in the car with Frank, I think I talked him into allowing a four function calculator and Stevens Wheels as acceptable equipment.

  4. Greg G says:

    Both teams that competed on Absolute Zero had a good time on the roads and by ways of Otsego cpunty, despite the chilly temps, steady light rain, and some very slippery conditions. My brother Mark and I took his Honda HRV to a six point victory. Roads were challenging, scenery was great. Thanks to Frank, his check point crews (who out numbered the competitors) for proving some fun.
    It’s a shame more folks didn’t show up. We almost answered the question of what if we do an event and no one shows up?

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