Bruns/Westenburger Move Up The 2018 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique Standings

Michael Bruns/Frank Westenburger in their 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint have moved up the standings in the 2018 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique to second overall after 10 of 14 timed stages.  This is very impressive.

The leaders after the second timed stage Michael Muller/Gerhard Spiesberger in their 1977 Saab 99 EMS have fallen back to the position 68 overall which is still very good and if they continue like this they will have a very good finish.  They have consistently been moving back up in the standings after a small problem caused them to lose some time.

The other team that I have been following, Peter Fogelberg/Dan Allven in their 1965 Mustang continue to have problems but are soldiering on, determined to finish.

Peter Fogelberg/Dan Allven Negotiate A Mountain Curve

The overall standings after 10 stages are shown by clicking on the following file:


I have also attached a copy of the latest newsletter put out by the Automobile Club of Monaco concerning this year’s Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.


If you have any questions or comments on this post or the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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