Mark Johnson And Rich Bireta Win Awards At The 2018 SCCA Convention

At the recent annual convention of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in Las Vegas several awards were handed out to those who made major contributions to improving can rallying in the USA.  Two of those award winners were Mark Johnson and Rich Bireta.

Mark is a friend of mine (he is also the brother-in-law of my daughter) and a long-time rally enthusiast.  A few years ago Mark moved from the northeast USA to the Atlanta, Georgia area.  At that time there were no car rallies in that area.  Recently Mark created car rallies in Georgia and that region’s rally program and local car rally interest is starting to grow.

Rich is a long time reader of this website, a thought leader in TSD rallying, a rally computer developer, and former Chairman of the SCCA Road Rally Board.

The awards that Mark and Rich were given, as well as other SCCA awards that were presented are as follows.

  • W. David Teter Award for Best National Tour Rally of the Year to Badger Trails, Land O’ Lakes Region, John Emmons – Chairman and Rallymaster.  This is the 11th time in the last 15 years that John and Badger Trails have won this award.  This year’s Badger Trails rally will be presented on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
  • Arthur J. Gervais Award for Best National Course Rally of the Year to Roads Scholar, Milwaukee Region, Jim Crittenden – Chairman and Rallymaster.  This year’s Roads Scholar rally will be presented on Saturday, June 9, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Robert V. Ridges Award to Rich Bireta, Kansas and Kansas City Regions, for outstanding contributions to the SCCA Road Rally program.  Rich has been at forefront of developing low-cost apps for tablets and phones that emulate clocks, odometers, rally calculators, and even rally computers.  He has served on the Road Rally Board for 6 years, acting as its Chair for 5 1/2 of those 6 years.  He is active in his community, serving on his township board, as treasurer of his church, and as Scoutmaster.  He is Chair and rallymaster for a very popular 2 rally weekend in Kansas every November.
  • Divisional Achievement Award to Great Lakes Division.  GLDIV has hosted a very successful rally championship series for many years.
  • Regional Achievement Award to Finger Lakes Region.  Finger Lakes has the largest rally program as measured by the number of cars, and grew their program by 25% in 2017.
  • Best New Regional Program to Atlanta Region.  Mark Johnson assisted in the rally portion of the Targa Southland in 2016, and then resurrected his Region’s rally program in 2017.

Congratulations to Mark and Rich as well as the other award winners!

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  1. Rich Bireta says:

    Steve, Thank you for the kind comments. ~Rich

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