LeJog Rally End Point Is At John O’Groats

The upcoming LeJog car rally will start at the extreme southwest corner of England and end at the extreme northern point of Scotland’s main land mass.  At the northern tip of the Scotland land mass is the small town of John O’Groats, as shown on the map below.

John O’Groats Is At The Northern Tip Of The Scotland Land Mass

One of the iconic features of the John O’Groats landscape is the John O’Groats Hotel.  This hotel is show below. 

The John O’Groats Hotel

This hotel has long been a part of motor sports in the United Kingdom.  As a demonstration of this, I was looking through S.C.H. Davis’ book “Rallies and Trials”, which he wrote in 1951.  S.C.H. Davis was a writer at The Autocar and a competitor in rallies for years.  In 1930, he entered a 12-cylinder Daimler in the Monte Carlo Rally.  Twenty-seven competitors in the Monte Carlo Rally that year, including Davis decided to start the Monte Carlo Rally at John O’Groats.  In his book he included a picture of the John O’Groats Hotel with some of the rally cars getting prepared to start the Monte Carlo Rally.  That picture is shown below.

Monte Carlo Rally Cars Ready To Leave The John O’Groats Hotel In 1930

The 1930 picture was taken from almost the same place as the current photo.  A comparison shows the changes at the hotel since 1930.  I look forward to visiting this location as part of the LeJog rally in December which has long been associated with motor sports in the United Kingdom.

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