Getting Ready For The 2017 Le Jog Rally

I will be navigating for Simon Arscott in the upcoming 2017 Le Jog rally.  The Le Jog rally has been called the toughest classic car rally in Europe.  Simon and I have both been told separately by several experienced rally people that the Le Jog will be very difficult.  When I hear that from many people whose opinion I respect, then I believe it.

Simon and I will be competing in Simon’s 1962 BMC Works Austin Healey 3000 rally car.  This is the very same car that Paddy Hopkirk drove to 2nd place Overall in the 1962 RAC Rally.  It is a very impressive car and I look forward to being both in the event and in the car.

Simon Arscott’s Works Austin Healey 3000 Rally Car

The Le Jog rally starts in the extreme southwest corner of England at Land’s End and ends some 1,450 miles later at the northern tip of mainland Scotland at John O’Groats.  The car is currently in England under the care of Paul Woolmer, a classic car specialist.  Some upgrades are being made to the rally equipment installed in the car.  The interior of the car is shown below.

Interior Of Simon Arscott’s Austin Healey 3000 Works Rally Car

The prime piece of rally navigation equipment that I will be using during the rally is the GaugePilot.  Because of the nature and rules of the event, we will be using the “TwinTime” screen option with the Jogularity display.  This display is shown below.

GaugePilot TwinTime Display

On the upper left side of the screen are two odometer displays, the top number is the total distance, while the lower number is the incremental distance, thus replicating the displays on a Halda Twinmaster.  On the right side of the GaugePilot the timing displays are shown.  The upper right display is the time-of-day, set to rally time.  The display below the time-of-day is a stopwatch, reading in minutes and seconds.  Below the stopwatch is a history of the times when the stopwatch was frozen.  This screen will provide the necessary information for Le Jog.

In order to install the GaugePilot in the Austin Healey the Brantz Retrotrip odometer and a digital clock that are currently in the Austin Healey will be replaced.  The GaugePilot will go where the Retrotrip currently is and my Brantz Rally Timer, serving as a backup timer, will be installed in place of the digital clock.  Note that the external navigation light on the windshield will be removed.  A close look at the photo below shows an internal navigator’s light installed on the dash.  This will be used during the many night-time miles that are part of the Le Jog.

Planned Upgrades In The Navigation Equipment

In the photo above, a close observer will note the presence of a 24-hour analog time-of-day clock mounted in the center console of the Austin Healey 3000.  This is not a particularly common type of clock.  The analog stopwatches mounted on the console will not be used during Le Jog.

For further information about Le Jog check out the event website by clicking on the following link:

If you have comments or questions about this post or the Le Jog rally then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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6 Responses to Getting Ready For The 2017 Le Jog Rally

  1. elementguy says:

    Looks like you will be 6 cars ahead of us. Looking forward to a great event.

  2. David Scothorn says:

    The 24 hour clock is a Smiths Time of Trip, Mk111B, showing elapsed time on the sub dial. This appears to be the earlier of two types, with 12 and 24 hour dials, and a Jaeger Le Coultre movement. Probably dated early 1940’s and frequently used in post war race and rallycars as they were sold from de-commissioned WW2 aircraft.

  3. Richard Hinton says:

    Do hope we will be getting daily reports and photos? Will you be running a GoPro for later upload to youtube to record you experience of the event?

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