Photos From The 1975 Canadian Winter Rally

This week I was pleased to get an email message from Paul Madder of Barrie, Ontario who sent me some photos that he took at the 1975 Canadian Winter Rally.  Paul has asked me to note that he is interested in selling the original version of these photos.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing these photos.

Randy Black/Doug Woods In A Datsun 1600SS

As can be seen in the above photo of Black/Woods, not only was there lots of snow on the roads, additional snow was falling during the event.

The photo below is a little difficult to identify.  I believe that the car number is 12, which was assigned to Doug Leverton/Ken Humphrey.  I concluded this based on matching the car number with the listed car descriptions in the event results.

Doug Leverton/Ken Humphrey Catch Air In Their 1971 Datsun 510

In 1975 the Canadian Winter Rally started from a garage at Centennial College, in what was known as Scarborough, Ontario at the time.  Scarborough is now part of the City of Toronto.  The picture below shows John Buffum/Vicki Buffum as they leave the garage in their 1972 Porsche Carrera.  Buffum/Buffum went on to win the 1975 Canadian Winter Rally in a close battle with Perusse/Bellefleur in a Fiat 128.

John Buffum/Vicki Buffum At The Centennial College Start Garage

Paul also had the results of the 1975 Canadian Winter Rally which he also forwarded to me.  These are shown below.  Note the large percentage of cars that did not finish this rally.  Also note that entrants came from all over Canada and the United States.

Results Of The 1975 Canadian Winter Rally




Also this week, thanks to the generosity of Harald von Langsdorff (who had a duplicate), I obtained another Canadian Winter Rally rally license plate from the 1960 running.  I am always interested in obtaining other license plates and/or Finisher’s Medals from the Canadian Winter Rally.

If you have any questions or comments about the Canadian Winter Rally, this post, or purchasing one of Paul Madder’s photos, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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4 Responses to Photos From The 1975 Canadian Winter Rally

  1. Olaf says:

    Horst Kroll passed away

    Thursday visitation 5-9 and the funeral on Friday 1pm at Ogden funeral home
    Kennedy and Sheppard Ave
    Scarborough, Ontario

  2. EvanG says:

    Lots of entrants in those days.

    Did Lawrence Partington (car #40) later produce some of the annual Targa Newfoundland videos?

    • Hi Evan,
      I recall hearing or reading when Lawrence Partington was producing the Targa Newfoundland videos that he had a rally background. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can confirm this.
      Steve McKelvie

  3. Paul Madder says:

    Hi Steve,

    It is Paul Madder, I am still checking on the ownership of the Datsun 510 in the above photo, I contacted Doug Leverton in B.C. and he said it was not his Datsun.

    I will let you know when I find out.


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