Somewhere west of Wichita Falls….

Over the last two days, Fred Gallagher of the Endurance Rally Association and I have advanced the recce tour for the 2018 Trans America Challenge car rally from Wichita Falls, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It has been a spectacular drive with startling contrasts.  Sometimes the roads are out in the plains while other times the roads twists through hills and canyons.  I have included  some of the photos in this post that I have taken along the way.

Where The Buffalo Roam

The roads really did not have much traffic and it was easy to find a place to pull over and to take a photograph and or take in the scenery.

One place that the 2018 Trans America Rally will stop at for lunch in the resort at Quartz Mountain.  This is very nice facility focusing on Oklahoma history and artists.

Quartz Mountain Resort

We are in the west and music is a big part of the culture.  Back in the early days of radio there was both country music and western music.  Over the years, the two types of music have blended to be commonly referred to as Country & Western music.  But back in the western music days, Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys was perhaps the most well-known musical group.  We passed through Turkey, Texas which is the birth place of Bob Wills.  There is a purported well-used Bob Wills tour bus on display.

Tour Bus Of Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys

Some of the vistas from the road were spectacular.

Some Of The Spectacular Scenery Along The Way

The Road Winding Down To The Bottom Of The Canyon

A portion of the 2018 Trans America Challenge car rally route will follow a portion of the famous and historic Route 66.  This road stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles and was the main migration route as the country’s population moved and traveled westward in the 1940s and 1950s.  All along the route interesting, attention-getting structures and signs were constructed to get travelers’ attention.

One of these interesting sights is the Cadillac Ranch.  Many years ago 10 Cadillac cars were buried in a farmer’s field.  They are still there today covered with various graffiti paintings.  It is certainly an unusual sight!

The Cadillac Ranch

Further along Route 66, the rally participants will stop at the Mid-Point Café in Adrian, Texas.  As the name implies, this is located at the mid-point in Route 66.  This is a good place to buy Route 66 memorabilia.

MidPoint Café

The construction of Interstate 40 in the 1950s and the convenient, higher speed travel that it provided led to the demise of Route 66.  Most travelers used the interstate and many of the towns along Route 66 died an economical death.  Along the current Route 66 there are numerous abandoned gas stations, restaurants, and motels.  The photo below shows only one of these that the Trans America Challenge rally participants will see.

An Abandoned Gas Station Along Route 66

In Las Vegas, New Mexico the rally participants will have a control at the historic Plaza Hotel.  This hotel is on the register of historic buildings.

Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Today Fred and I have a recce rest day in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  While it is a rest day, both Fred and I have full plates of things to do.  We went to a car show at a ski lodge this morning and we have laid the groundwork for a nice surprise for the participants when they arrive in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Tomorrow we will head off to Colorado Springs, CO.

If you have any questions or comments about this post or the 2018 Trans America Challenge, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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