Works Minis At Abingdon – A Celebration Of Success

A wonderful event, Works Minis To Abingdon was held on August 12, 2017.  A regular reader of this website, David Scothorn, was in attendance at this event and forwarded some information about the event to me.  There were over 20 original Works Minis in attendance, along with some replicas based on the Works Minis.  See many of them lined up below.

A Gathering Of Works Mini Rally Team Cars

The Mini was a very successful rally car.  It also started a trend where successful rally cars were more and more frequently small sports sedans instead of the hereto-before mostly 2-seat “sports” cars.  If you are interested in the rally results of the Works Mini cars over the years, then check out the following link:

A Replica Of Paddy Hopkirk’s Monte Carlo Rally Winning Mini

The above photo shows a replica Works Mini based on the 1,071cc Mini-Cooper rally car that Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon drove to a first place overall finish in the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally.  To see more pictures of Works Minis At Abingdon check out the gallery of photographer, Robert Clayson Photographic, who allowed me permission to use his photos from the event in this post.  The full album can be viewed on Robert’s site here.

Paddy Hopkirk Took Part In the Gathering Of Works Minis At Abington

David noted that at the Works Mini At Abingdon there was little mention pre-Cooper 850 Minis that competed with some success from 1959 to 1961.  Therefore I took a look at Brian Moylan’s book “Works Rally Mechanic” which discusses the BMC rally cars from 1955 to 1979.  In there I was able to find the following image of the 1959 Works 850 Mini driven by Ozanne/Gilmoure that competed in the 1959 RAC Rally, but DNF’d.

A Works 850 Mini At The 1959 RAC Rally

In the same location I was also able to find the following image of the interior of a Works Mini 850.  Note that the navigator did not have a dedicated rally odometer or a Halda Speedpilot (which would have been available) to assist with the navigation.  As you can see, the navigator had his own speedometer with an odometer as part of that speedometer.  However the navigator did have a good set of timepieces for his use.

Works Mechanic, Johnny Organ, Working Under A 850 Mini Dash

Thanks to David Scothorn for making me aware of Works Minis At Abingdon.  And thanks to Robert Clayson for allowing me to use some of his photos.  If you have any questions or comments about this post or the Mini rally cars, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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1 Response to Works Minis At Abingdon – A Celebration Of Success

  1. Emil Joseph says:

    Hi Steve,
    The post brought back lots of good memories. I have owned 3 Minis including a 1969 Cooper S which I restored. Great cars.

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