Updated And Revised 2018 Great Race Route

I have been advised that the 2018 route of the Great Race has been revised and updated.  The locations of the overnight stops and the lunch stops have been provided  The new route is shown below.

Updated And Revised 2018 Great Race Route

I think that the revised portions of the route through Maine and New Brunswick are better and I like the idea of spending more time in Nova Scotia.  I will miss not going over into Prince Edward Island, but I understand the scheduling issues.

It is good to see that the route will visit Mount Washington, where there have been many hill climb events held there since the 1930s.

Scene From A Past Hill Climb At Mount Washington

Note that the locations identified in red are overnight stops and those locations in blue are lunch stops.

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7 Responses to Updated And Revised 2018 Great Race Route

  1. Charlville says:

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  2. Mike Mazoway says:

    I have no information about the route other than looking at the map above. The territory covered in Day 2 (Fairport – Norwich – Troy, NY) was rallied extensively by both the Finger Lakes Region and the Central NY Region of the SCCA and several rally clubs over the last few decades. I have a lot of experience rallying in that area. John Classen should have no problem writing a scenic and challenging route with more than enough hills.

    • Hi Mike,
      You certainly know that area and I agree that the Great Race route in that area should be a good one. I also like the general relocation of the route from the interior of Maine to closer to the coast. While this might result in more traffic, their will be more roads to choose from. This also improves the route through New Brunswick.
      Steve McKelvie

  3. Adrian Iancu says:

    We wanted to attend this year but it was a little to late. We surely be there next year 2019. Please keep us posted with info for 2019.

    • Hi Adrian,
      We have have not had any discussions or made any decisions about a 2019 running of this event. At this time this is a special event for 2018 and we are working to make it a success.
      Steve McKelvie

  4. what time are they crossing the boarder at st stephen newbrunswick? as I would like to see them come through

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