Similarities Between Life and Rallying

This past weekend I traveled up to Halifax, Nova Scotia to attend a memorial service for my cousin, Robert Douglas McKelvie who just recently passed as a result of cancer.  At the memorial service a prayer was said that reminded me of the similarities between life and rallying.  I also thought about this on the long drive back home to Massachusetts.  The prayer was called “A Prayer For The Journey”.  This prayer is as follows:

God of the way, you are the road we travel, and the sign we follow; you are the bread for the journey and the wine of rival.  Guide us as we follow in your way, holding on to each other, reaching out to your beloved world.  And when we stray, seek us out and find us, set our feet on the path again, and lead us safely home.

This prayer was written by Janet Cawley in 1996 and I will think of this prayer every time that I start in a rally, as I always need all the help that I can get.

Also Robert was a successful restaurateur in Halifax.  Therefore the next time that anyone is in Halifax, Nova Scotia and looking for a great place to eat, then I suggest that you try “McKelvie’s” or “Salty’s”, two of some of the restaurants that Robert and his partners started.  You won’t be disappointed.


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