Day 4 At The Paris To Prague Rally

Day 4 is now in the books.  We have made it to Linz, Austria.  Tomorrow we will go into the Czech Republic. From a competition standpoint today was a good day.  We are getting better and our significantly lower scores show this.  We have moved up into 6th in the Overall standing but remain 3rd in our class.  Our class is for newer classic cars with engines larger than 2,400cc.  The rally has four classes, but our class is quite competitive as three out of the first 6 cars are in our class.

I am the navigator in our Mercedes-Benz 230S (our engine has been enlarged to about 2,800cc, hence we are in the over 2,400cc class) so U thought that I would show the navigation/timing setup in the car.  This is shown in the photo below.

My Navigator’s Office

Although we have a Monit rally computer and GaugePilot rally computer.  I only use the GaugePilot.  I use it in the Twinmaster display mode which essentially functions as a Halda Twinmaster would, except that it can be calibrated to a finer level than a Halda Twinmaster.   For timing purposes I use the Brantz Rally Timer.  I have a remote interval zero unit on the GaugePilot and a remote start/stop on the Brantz Rally Timer.  This setup seems to work well.

One of the cars that is ahead of us is the MGB Costello V8 shown below.  This is a special shop built MGB which has plenty of power and handling.

MGB Costello V8

Another car in our class is the lovely Jaguar XK120 shown below.  This car sounds very good and has the performance that you would expect from a Jaguar.

Jaguar XK120

The roads continue to be great and the weather is quite hot.  Today we started from the foot of the Eagles Nest, but due to time, we declined to go up to the see the summer residence of Adolf Hitler.  Those that did go said that the view was spectacular.

I look forward to tomorrow.

For more information, then check out the event’s website.  Click on the link below.


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2 Responses to Day 4 At The Paris To Prague Rally

  1. automotorist says:

    I know this is an old post, but after having seen a few photos of this car and each time been curious I thought I’d ask what gauge is the round one on the top of the dash?

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