Day 3 At The Paris To Prague Rally

Day 3 of the Paris to Prague was a day of scenery – great scenery.  We started the day in St. Gallen in Switzerland and ended the day in Kitzbuehel, Austria.  It was a very good drive.  In the morning we went to a very significant Rolls Royce Museum for a short visit at a very large collection of the grand British marque.

The photo below, taken in the parking lot of the museum shows an excellent Triumph TR2.  This particular car was rallied very successfully by Maurice Gatsonides.

This Is A Very Impressive Ex-Gatsonides Triumph TR2

From a competitive point of view we held our positions.  I had said in a previous post that we were 2nd in class, move final results from yesterday showed us to actually be 3rd.  Today we remained in 7th position Overall and third in class.  I think that we can do better as the rally progresses, but we will see how it goes.  I am enjoying navigating for Michael Eatough in his strong Mercedes-Benz Fintail.

What A View!

These few photos show some photos that I was able to take at breaks along the rally route.  These photos really don’t do justice to the views that are seen in person.

If You Like Mountains, Then You’ll Like Austria

Tomorrow the rally will start at the famous or infamous “Eagles Nest”.  The weather this week has been wonderful and I hope that it continues tomorrow as well.  For more information, then check out the event’s website.  Click on the fill below.

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