At The Paris To Prague Rally Start

We have now arrived at the start of the Paris to Prague Rally.  This has been quite a journey for me.  I flew from Boston to London Heathrow Airport where I was met by Michael Eatough.  From there we drove to Chantily, France for the start of the rally.  As a civil engineer who often works on tunneling projects, I was interested in the tunnel between England and France.  With this trip, we took the train under the English Channel. The picture below shows the approach to the train.

Approach to the Channel Train

The first opening in the train provide access to the second deck on the train, while the second opening is for the main deck.  We were on the main deck, in fact we were the second car loaded onto the train.

The Euro Tunnel Train

The Approach to Entering The Train

We entered the train and drove through the train to the front carrying car.

Driving Through The Train

When you get to the designated parking area the cars are parked nose to tail and the doors between the train cars are closed.  There are no seats available on the train.  You can remain seated in your car or get out and walk about the train car.  We got out of the car and talked to the other people who were in the train car.  The people at the back of the car were motorcycle tourists heading into France.

The Rally Car Parking In the Euro Tunnel Train

The crossing takes about 30 minutes.  The view is terrible, but the service and speed are great with the Eurotunnel .  I would recommend this as a great way to get from England to France. After the crossing we continued to Chantily, France to the Auberg De Jeu De Paume where we were staying for the start of the Paris To Prague Rally.

There Is A Wonderful Turf Horse Racing Track In Chantily, France

The photos above and below show the grandstand building.

Entrance To The Grandstands

Adjacent to the track are very opulent horse stables from the early days.

These Are Horse Stables

Nearby the horse stables is a chateau located on a pond.  This is now a museum, but we did not have the time to tour through the building.

A Chateau On A Lake

Chantily is a wonderful place to visit, but we came here for the car rally.  During the last few days the rally cars have been arriving.  The Bentley below is an example of some of fine rally cars.

A Bentley Preparing in the Paris To Prague Rally

The rally gets underway tomorrow and I will be posting some stories about the rally as the week goes by.

For more information about the Paris to Prague Rally, check out the Rally Round website at the following address:


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3 Responses to At The Paris To Prague Rally Start

  1. Randy says:

    Very interesting journey to the start of the rally!

  2. njrallye says:

    If I do a short writeup about the Alaska USRRC can you include it in a future post.  The event is in Sept. Peter

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone

    • Hi Peter,
      That sounds like a great idea. I would appreciate getting a report from that event. Be sure to include some photos. The Alaska USSRC should be a good event. I will not be able to attend as I am scheduled to be doing the recce for the 2018 Trans America Challenge at that time.
      Steve McKelvie

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