My New Brantz Rally Timer

This week I added another piece of equipment to my rally navigator’s toolbox.  I bought a Brantz Rally Timer.  This is a popular rally clock in the United Kingdom and in Europe.  I plan on using it during the upcoming Paris to Prague Rally and in the epic 2019 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge.  My new Brantz Rally Timer is shown below during some bench testing in my basement.

Brantz Rally Timer With The 24-Hour Time-Of-Day Option Display

One nice feature of the Brantz Rally Timer is that it has two time displays.  The top display is a time-of-day clock while the bottom display is a stopwatch.  The time-of-day can be displayed in a 24-hour clock format, a 12-hour clock format or a weird metric day format where there are 10 hours in a day, 100 minutes in an hour and 100 seconds in a minute.  In an email to the Managing Director of Brantz questioning such a format, I asked him to identify any car rally in any part of the world that uses a metric day.  I have not had a response.  Actually if anyone else who reads this, knows of any car rally timed based on a metric day, then please let me know at the email address shown at the bottom of this post.  Here in the USA, we use the more navigator-friendly 1/100 minute approach instead of seconds to time our time-speed-distance rallies, but a minute is still a minute, an hour still has 60 minutes, and a day still has 24 hours.  The lack of a 1/100 minute option on the Brantz Rally Timer is probably why you don’t see this clock used in the USA.

View In Simulated Night Conditions

In addition to the variable time-of-day format, there are four operational options with the stopwatch.  These are as follows:

  • Standard Stopwatch
  • Regularity Stopwatch
  • Jogularity Cumulative Stopwatch
  • Standard Cumulative Stopwatch

This is very good flexibility and dovetails very well with the timing needs for rallies in the United Kingdom and Europe.

For detailed information about the operation and capability of this rally timer click on the file below.

Brantz Clock Operating Manual

The time displays on the Brantz Rally Timer are quite bright; however, the brightness of the displays can be adjusted.  An option for this clock, which I purchased, was a daylight filter which will help if the sun catches the display in a way that normally would make the displays difficult to read.  This will be useful in any open top car.  The photo above shows that the display is still very easy to read under night-time conditions.

I purchased this clock directly from Brantz, but it can also be purchased from Don Barrow and Demon Tweeks.  It is a good clock and I look forward to using it on some overseas events.

If you have any comments or questions about the Brantz Rally Timer or this post, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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1 Response to My New Brantz Rally Timer

  1. Greg G says:

    Once upon a time it was momentarily considered locally to time a rally in Furlongs per Fortnight….

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