Preparations For The 2017 Baden Classic Rally

These days I am getting ready to compete in the 2017 Baden Classic car rally which is based in Michelbach, Germany early next month.  Once again I will be navigating for Harald von Langsdorff.  I have navigated for Harald in this rally for the last six years.

2017 Baden Classic

This year Harald and I will be competing in a 1951 Mercedes-Benz 220.  This car will easily be the oldest car in the rally and should create quite a lot of interest.  I have briefly seen this car before and it looks great.  I like those suicide-style front doors.

1951 Mercedes-Benz 220

The Baden Classic is a car rally that has a lot of different styles which helps to make this rally quite interesting.  There are special tests with target times that are quite aggressive, which this year will be especially challenging for us in this older, rather low horsepower family sedan.  Other parts of the rally have controls timed to the 1/10 second and other controls are timed to the minute. Below is a time card with some of the controls that are timed to the 1/10 second.  Note that some controls are timed from the start, while other controls are timed from the time that you crossed the previous control.  Note that these times are not additive.  For example from WP 2 Reichental if you are 3.2 seconds late breaking the timing light at Ziel 1, then your target time for Ziel 2 will be 35 seconds after the 3.2 second late time at Ziel 1.  You start your stopwatch for Zeil 2, when you break the timing light at Ziel 1.

Sample Timing Requirements

A sample score card from the 2016 Baden Classic is shown below for the controls that are timed to the minute.

The DK controls are Passage Controls at unknown locations.  Some of the Passage Controls are manned, where the timing marshals will sign or stamp your Time Card in the proper place.  Other Passage Controls are unmanned, but it their place is a small, white sign, about 12-inches square with a number or letter on it.  Competitors must write the number or letter on the Time Card in the order that you saw it.  These signs are not hidden, but they are not always easy to see.  You have to be on the lookout for them at all times.  Missing a Passage Control carries a 5-second penalty which is quite significant in this rally.

Sample Timing Card

The score sheet above was for a maze that was set up in an industrial subdivision.  The correct route through the subdivision is shown on the red line on the map which was published after the rally.  The rally instructions did not have this map, but laid out a number of locations that had to be passed in sequence with restrictions such as if you traveled on a road in one direction, then you could only drive on that road again in the same direction.  There were a large number of Passage Controls (several were passed more than once) and competitors lost points if the observed numbers or stamps were missed or out of sequence.

Post Rally Route Map

Harald and I were fairly successful last year in this rally and we hope to do well again this year, but a great deal of the competitors from previous years are returning and they are quite competitive.  This rally is part of an overall ADAC Oldtimer Championship with German rally teams that are competing for their national championship.

Our Trophy From Last Year

I look forward to competing in the Baden Classic rally with Harald von Langsdorff once again.  In addition, we have met a number of other competitors over the year and it will be good to see them once again.

If you have any questions or comments about this post or the Baden Classic rally, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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2 Responses to Preparations For The 2017 Baden Classic Rally

  1. dw says:

    Greetings Harald and Steve,
    Here’s wishing you all the best in the Baden Classic 2017.
    David , Jackie, and Danielle

    • Thanks David! I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Penn-York Rally. Thank you for all the work that you’ve done on the Great Race Mercedes-Benz 350SLC.
      Steve McKelvie

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