My Newly Acquired Book About HRG Cars- “HRG The Sportsman’s Ideal”

Last week there was a comment on my website from Peter Davis about the driver and the navigator in a particular HRG car that competed in the 1948 Alpine Rally.  I had previously try to help Peter get to bottom of this but I could not provide a complete answer.  In Peter Davis’ comment, he said that he was able to find the answer about that crew in a book entitled “HRG – The Sportsman’s Ideal” by Ian Dusssek.  On reading that comment I decided to find a way to buy that book about HRG cars and today that book arrived in my mailbox.

Good Book About HRG Cars

One thing that I did not realize until last week that Peter Davis is now the current owner of the HRG car shown in the image below that is printed in Ian Dussek’s HRG book.  During the 1948 Alpine Rally this HRG was driven by Rod Ross with Ted Farley as the navigator.

The Ross/Farley HRD 1100 Gets Some Oil During The 1948 Alpine Rally

There was quite a number of HRG cars entered in the 1948 Alpine Rally in addition to the Ross/Farley HRG 1100 shown above.  Below Robin Richards/John Beaumont are shown checking into a rally control in another HRG 1100.

Richards/Beaumont In A HRG 1100 Check Into A Control During The 1948 Alpine Rally

HRG cars were for the most part built to be rallied or raced. And they were reasonably successful at both.  I don’t think that are many HRG cars in the United States.  There is (or was) at least one HRG car in the Boston area which I photographed at the Lime Rock Historic Festival in 2014.  This car is shown below.  If you look carefully it is a right hand drive car indicating its British manufacture.  I think that all of the HRG cars were made for the domestic British market, but some did make it to the United States.

A HRG At The Lime Rock Historic Festival

The HRG book that I got was published in 1985.  I understand that a second edition of this book was published in 2010.  My 1985 edition is 176 pages long, while the 2010 second edition is apparently 432 pages long.  Obviously lots has happened in the intervening 25 years.  I generally like older books about old cars because they were written more closely to the era that the cars were in active use.  However in this case as the author of the new book is the same as the old book the second edition is probably better.  I found that the first edition book is much less expensive than the second edition.  I just got this book and therefore I have not had the opportunity to read it, but just looking through it, I’m sure that it is a good book.

For more information about HRG cars see my post on this website posted on december 3, 2015.

If you have any comments or questions about this post or HRG cars, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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