2017 Dubai International Baja

I got an interesting email this week from Paul Henshall of the Toronto area.  I’ve known Paul for some time and he is well-known in the southern Ontario area for his long time involvement in rallying.  I am pleased that Paul will be part of the service crew for Harald von Langsdorff and myself at this year’s Great Race.

Paul wrote that he had fun last weekend visiting a rally buddy of his, Ken Nazeer, in Dubai.
Paul and Ken spent last Friday and Saturday marshaling at the Dubai International Baja rally, somewhere out in the dunes behind the city.  Paul sent me some photos from that event.

Peugeot Entry Was Similar To Sebastien Loeb’s Dakar Entry

While the Dakar rally is a standout event, there are a number of desert events throughout the year that are used, in part, as warm-up events for the Dakar rally.  The Dubai International Baja, hosted by the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates is one of those events.

Nasser Al Attiyah’s Toyota

Not only were there cars in the event, but motorcycles and the quads were also part of this rally.

Motorcycles At A Control

A Quad Leaving A Control Point

The photo below shows an interesting re-fueling station.  I don’t think that they will run out of gas.  Note the spill traps used for the motorcycles.

Re-Fueling Station

The 2017 Dubai International Baja was won in convincing manner by the team of Nasser Al Attiyah with co-driver Mathieu Baumel, an experience top-tier Dakar rally team.

Nasser Al Attiyah With Co-Driver Mathieu Baumel Won The 2017 Dubai International Baja

If you want to hear more about this event and you are at the Great Race, look up Paul – he is a very interesting fellow and very approachable.

If you have any questions about this post, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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