Rally Memorabilia From Ontario Rallies In The 1970s

I posted some photos not too long ago that were sent to me by Peter Ousey of London, Ontario, Canada.  Those photos dealt with the 1978 Criterium du Molson in the Montreal, Quebec area.  The photos in this post are related to some other rallies that Peter took part in during the 1970s in Ontario.

The photo below shows Peter as the navigator for Gary Powe in a Mini Cooper in the 1975 International Canadian Winter Rally.


Peter Ousey, Navigator, With Gary Powe At The Start Of The 1975 International Canadian Winter Rally

Below is the Finishers Medal that was presented to those who were listed as finishers in the 1975 International Canadian Winter Rally.


Finishers Medal Rally From The 1975 Canadian Winter Rally

The portion of the route that is shown in green represents stages that were run high speeds.  Some of those stages were also run in reverse.  My hometown, Shelburne, Ontario is just at the left side of the map shown on the medal.  Some of those roads near Creemore, Mansfield, and Angus I know quite well from my high school days.

This Finishers Medal that Peter Ousey has is much different in style from Canadian Winter Rally Finishers Medals that I have collected.  A couple of typical Canadian Winter Rally Finishers Medals from my collection are shown below.


Older Style Finishers Medals From The Canadian Winter Rally

I notice that in the photo of Peter and Gary starting out in the 1975 International Canadian Winter Rally that their Mini Cooper is not fitted with the Canadian Winter Rally license plates that were issued for years.  An example of one those plates that I have is shown below.


Typical License Plate From The Canadian Winter Rally

Peter Ousey also sent me a picture of some badges from the Rally Of The Tall Pines.  This stage rally, organized by the Maple Leaf Rally Club is held near Bancroft, Ontario and is still on the CARS Rally Championship schedule.


Badges From The Rally Of The Tall Pines

I competed in this rally once as co-driver for Keith Kreisler in his Subaru WRX in 2005.  Keith is a great driver and he had a fast car.  About halfway through the rally we had worked our way up to 5th Overall, just behind the factory sponsored teams.  Then we had tire problems on one stage and Keith literally drove the wheels off the car.  The wheels were just stubs.  By far the worst ride that I ever had in any car was being dragged along a gravel road while getting a tow from Ross Wood.  I’ll never forget the noise of that ride.


Other Rally Dash Plaques

Peter also sent me a photo of some dash plaques from other rallies that took place in Ontario In the 1970s.

My thanks again to Peter Ousey for sending me these photos and allowing me to share them.

If you have any comments or questions about these rallies or this post, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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