Upcoming May SCCA Rally Weekend In Wisconsin

This past week I got an email from Jim Crittenden inviting me to participate in two upcoming rallies that will be held back to back on May 20 & 21, 2017 in the Madison, Wisconsin area – the Roads Scholar National Course Rally and the Badger Burrow National Tour Rally.

The Roads Scholar National Course Rally on Saturday will be a scenic 180 mile rally through the country roads west of Madison, Wisconsin. Designed for experienced rallyists who are familiar with the Sports Car Club of America Road Rally Rules, it will have a fixed main road rule (Onto, Protection, T-rule, SAP) and use both Numbered and Lettered route instructions. It will not have Aristotle traps or ‘Absence of the sign’ traps. The course uses both paved and high quality unpaved roads that are fun to drive. Speeds are moderate. The emphasis is on course following, great roads, and beautiful scenery.  As someone who struggles with some of the unnecessarily complexities of course rallies, it seems like this rally strikes the right note between being too easy and being unnecessarily difficult.

The Badger Burrow National Tour Rally on Sunday will be a scenic 180 mile Tour rally with an emphasis on brisk driving on spectacular country roads. Much of the course will run in transit zones allowing you to enjoy the scenery and drive at your own pace rather than having to be on time all the time. This rally is designed to be enjoyed by both first timer contestants as well as experienced rallyists.

As it turns out, I am already committed to another rally that weekend, so I will not be attending these rallies, but it seems like this will be a good weekend of rallying.

For more information, I have attached a copy of the flyer for these rallies.  To see the flyer just click on the following pdf file:


To see a near complete copy of the General Conditions, click on the following Word file:


For further questions about these rallies, you can contact Jim Crittenden by telephone at 970.261.2144 or by email at the following address: james.a.crittenden@gmail.com

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One Response to Upcoming May SCCA Rally Weekend In Wisconsin

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    Hi Steve, I am chair of the Badger Burrow event that runs on Sunday. Just wanted to make a few notes. Badger burrow is 100% paved. The rally runs in something called the driftless region of Wisconsin. This is a patch of land that the glaciers missed during the last ice age. They are characterized by narrow valleys and relatively steep hills. The roads through this area are anything but straight. I can be contacted for information on BB at jay.johannes@smartsensorsystems.

    To give a feel for the sorts of roads we use, I posted this video a few years ago:

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