Rallye Monte Carlo Historique 2017 With Dan Allven

Last year I competed in the 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique with Dan Allven of Monaco and I enjoyed it very much.  Therefore I was very pleased that Dan asked me to be his navigator once again for the 2017 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.

This year Dan had a new car for this event.  Gone was last year’s 1964 Fiat 2300 S Abarth Coupe and in was a 1961 Volvo PV544.  Dan’s car is shown below.


Dan Allven’s 1961 Volvo PV544 Ready For The Rally To Monte Carlo

Dan bought the car in Sweden and had a number of improvements made to increase the performance of the car.  Most of the improvements were done to the engine, which got an improved cylinder head, dual carburetors, and a hotter camshaft.  In addition, all of the major parts of the car were refreshed and a limited slip differential was installed.  These greatly improved the performance of the car.


The Upgraded B18 Engine In The 1961 Volvo PV544

The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique is put on by the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM).  One of the main supporters of this event is Gery Mestre, who is the Chairman of the Historic Cars Commission for the ACM.  Dan, who is a member of the ACM, and I ran into Gery at a lovely Italian bistro in Bad Homburg, Germany just before the start.  Not only is Gery an important part of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, he is also a fun guy to be around.


Gery Mestre And Dan Allven In Bad Homburg

The picture below shows Dan & I just before the start of the rally with the car parked in a nice pedestrian shopping area in Bad Homburg, Germany.  We loaded up on food, water and energy drinks in preparation for the long 27 hour drive to Monaco.  Dan & I figured that the total duration of the first day of the rally would have us awake for a little over 40 hours straight so we needed to be prepared.  This is reminiscent the long continental rallies of the 1950s and 1960s.

For this rally I was looking a little more “continental” than usual with a scarf and my peaked cap instead of my usual baseball cap.


Dan & I In Bad Homburg With The Volvo PV544

The rally start in Bad Homburg was a glorious event.  The town square was crowded with rally fans and local residents.  It was really exciting to be a part of this event and to drive up on the starting ramp and be announced to the crowd.


Approaching The Rally Start in Bad Homburg, Germany

We made it to Monaco without any major difficulties.  This was a big deal for Dan and I to get to Monaco without trouble, as during this same run last year we had a great deal of trouble with the fuel system in the Fiat.

During the rally route to Monaco, the ACM installed a “Tripy” unit in all of the cars once they had all concentrated in Saint-Andre-Les-Alpes, France.  This device allows the ACM to follow the position and to time all of the rally cars.  I think that it would be even better if these “Tripy” units were installed in all of the starting cities.


Dan & I In Monaco Ready To Start The Main Part Of The Rally

From Monaco, the main part of the classic rally begins.  I will have more about that part of the rally in some upcoming posts.

If you have any comments or questions about the rally or this post, then you can leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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