An Example Of A Big Healey Being Rallied In Europe

A couple of weeks ago, Russ Whitehouse commented on my website that he had a “Big Healey” that he rallies in Europe.  I asked Russ if he would send me some pictures of his car and I am certainly glad that did.  The car shown below is his 1961 triple carb BT7 3000 Mk 2 Austin Healey, fully “works prepped”.


1961 Austin Healey 3000 Mk. 2 Rally Car

These cars are known as the “Big Healey”, as opposed to the little Austin Healey “Bug Eye” or “Frog Eye” Sprite that was and is quite popular as well.

In the early 1960s, the Big Healey was the dominant rally car.  Winning and finishing well in rallies in the hands of the Morley brothers and Pat Moss, only to name a couple of the drivers of this car.


This Healey Sees Lots Of Rally Action

Russ Whitehouse says: “I currently rally a “Big Healey” in historics here in Europe. I can assure you they are a potent rally weapon to this day and always the centre of attention on events. They are a real handful, especially when pushing on hard on mountain roads, but once you learn their ways, they are a joy to drive, even if they make you deaf in the bargain!”


The Various Stickers In The Photos Indicate Many Rallies For The Healey

I like Russ’ car as he has chosen to present the car as a works rally car and he obviously drives the car with joy in rallies, rather than only take it to car shows or to get ice cream on Sundays.


A Red Body With A White Hardtop Is The Classic Austin Healey  Rally Livery

As a rally navigator, I asked Russ about the rally navigator setup that he has in the Healey.  Russ replied: “I use a Brantz odometer and timer. My navigator likes to have a couple of trusted stop watches on board as well. There is also a separate readout on the dash next to the steering wheel, so I can read the odometer out of the corner of my eye whilst driving. Apart from that there is just a flexible map light. We use traditional average speed tables from Don Barrow and not computerised stuff as it’s not in the true spirit of Historic rallying and for that reason a lot of events over here forbid their use.”

The photo below was taken with the Healey’s hardtop removed.  Note the Brantz odometer and timer on the left, with the driver’s readout on the dash to the right of the steering wheel.


The Interior Of Russ Whitehouse’s Austin Healey

If you have any comments or questions about this post or Austin Healeys, then leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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