The 2016 1000 Millas Sport Concludes In Argentina

Recently the 2016 took place in Argentina.  This is the South American equivalent of the famous Mille Miglia in Italy.  These events are run with very similar rules and methods, with the exception that the 1000 Millas Sport has a broader range of eligible cars.


In the 1000 Millas Sport the following vehicles, registered for normal traffic with proper documents and register can be accepted in the event:

– Category C: cars made before 31-12-1930
– Category D: cars made between 1-1-1931 and 31-12-1945
– Category E: cars made between 1-1-1946 and 31-12-1960
– Category F1: cars made between 1-1-1961 and 31-12-1965
– Category F2: cars made between 1-1-1966 and 31-12-1970
– Category G1: cars made between 1-1-1971 and 31-12-1975.
– Category G2: cars made between 1-1-1976 and the limit established by the FIVA.

As you can see the entrance requirements are far less stringent as compared to the Mille Miglia.

The 100o Millas Sport is held in the scenic Bariloche area of Argentina.  This area is in the Andes close to the Chile border, as shown on the map below.


The rally, as in the past, was based out of the Llao Llao resort shown below.


Llao Llao Resort Was The Home Base For the 1000 Millas Sport

While the Mille Miglia takes the competitors on a wonderful historic tour of Italy, the 1000 Millas Sport is a “cloverleaf” style event that begins and ends each day at the rally base.  Crews are not moving from hotel to hotel each day.

For example, below I have posted the run for Day 1 of the 2016 1000 Millas Sport.  The day starts at Llao Llao, goes through Bariloche and Villa La Angostura on its way to San Martin de Los Andes where the cars turn around and return along the same path back to Llao Llao.


Day 1 Map For The 2016 1000 Millas Sport Rally

The winner, to no one’s surprise, was Daniel Erejomovich, in a 1938 AC 16/80 Competiton Sport.  He is a many time rally winner and usually a top-tier finisher in the Mille Miglia.


The Winning 1938 AC Car From The 2016 100 Millas Sport Rally

There are usually a few Americans competing in this events.  I also usually identify the finishing positions of the Americans in this event.  However this year the organizers did not identify the nationality of the entrants.  In addition, I did not recognize the names of the entrants, therefore so as not to overlook any American results, I have posted all of the final results below.

Results Of The 2016 1000 Millas Sport Rally




If any one can identify the American entrants in this year’s event, please let me know.

If you have any comments or questions about this post please leave a comment below or send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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