Success At The 2016 United States Road Rally Championship Rally

This past week has been tough for me.  After spending the weekend coughing and rallying, I found out  that I had a mild case of pneumonia.  This has left me feeling quite tired and somewhat unmotivated, but I was able to look back at a very successful weekend at the 2016 United States Road Rally Championship rally.  This year the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) selected the Covered Bridge 50 rally to be the 2016 United States Road Rally Championship Rally.  This was quite an honor for the New England Region of the SCCA, but in reality it was to honor Ted Goddard who was the full rallymaster for the first 49 runnings of this rally and who provided clear direction and guidance for the 50th running of this rally, before his passing several months before the rally.  Ted was a giant for the SCCA in the New England Region.  He is missed.

I normally don’t compete in the United States Road Rally Championship for a number of reasons, mostly because of lack of any open rally navigator seats.  I last competed in the 2011 United States Road Rally Championship, when Harald von Langsdorff and I were looking for a “monte carlo” type rally as practice for an upcoming rally in Germany.  We competed in Harald’s 1968 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3.

This year I had planned on working at the rally, as it was being held rather close to my home and because I am a member of the Rally Board for the SCCA New England Region who were hosting the rally.  I subsequently found out that the rally worker situation was in hand and that more competitors were always welcome.  About this time I was contacted by Mike Mazoway, from New York state, whom I have known for years as a friend but we had never rallied together before.  Mike was looking for a navigator for the Covered Bridge 50 rally.  Mike is a very experienced rally competitor, so I agreed to team up with Mike.

The rally was quite intimidating.  The entry list was full of high quality teams and past rally winners, and rally legends.  As I said the night before the rally, even if we finish 12th, I can take comfort that we still beat 3 or 4 very good teams.


Covered Bridge 50 Was Selected As The 2016 United States Road Rally Championship Rally

It turned out that we did much better than 12th place.  We finished third in Class E (Equipped) and 3rd Overall!  And we were only one point out of 2nd place.  A very great finish in this field!

The winners were Bob Morseburg/Steve Gaddy.  They obviously did exceptionally well.  Mike and I really had no problem losing out 2nd place to Mark Johnson/Frank Beyer.  Mike Mazoway usually rallies with Frank Beyer and I have navigated for Frank in several winter rallies.  Also Mark Johnson, is a brother of my son-in-law, Mike Johnson, so it was like a family victory.  In fact, Mark, now from Atlanta, had spent the day before the rally visiting with my grandchildren.

The following results, initially posted by Fred Mapplebeck, are unofficial from unaudited scorecards.

Some Results From The 2016 United States Road Rally Championship Rally

Class E

1    Morseburg/Gaddy             15

2    Johnson/Beyer                   24

3    Mazoway/McKelvie            25

4    Webb/Schneider                30

5    Friedman/Goldfarb              31

6    Beattie/Beattie                   33

7    Regan/S. Beliveau              35

8    Larouere/Staab                   65

9    M. Beliveau/Murdaugh         69

10    Smith/Beckman                 89

11   P. Choiniere/Becker            150

12   M. Choinere/Buffum            184

Class L

1    Satish/Savera                     210

2    Mack/English                     1139

3    Paladino/Kolupa                  1192

Class S

1    Praetorius/Roddy                185

2    Guertin/Guertin                    269

3    Scofteber/Matson                364

4    Carlson/Lamereaux              489

5    Lyle/Lyle                            532

6    McLafferty/Lambert              588

7    Toney/Toney                       634

8    Henry/Henry                        649

9    Kennedy/Bressem               708

10   Demming/Babbe                 744

Plus others and Novice Class

Just yesterday I learned that the driver of the 4th place finishing car, Gary Webb, died while returning to his home in Arizona.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Gary, but I certainly knew of his many rally exploits.

The picture below shows Gary Webb (center) accepting his 40 year membership award this past weekend from Scott Beliveau (left) NER – SCCA Rally Chairman and Fred Mapplebeck (right) deputy rallymaster of the Covered Bridge 50 rally.


Rally Legend, Gary Webb, Receiving The SCCA 40-Year Award At the Covered Bridge 50 Rally

The following paragraphs were written by Peter Schneider, another rally legend, about his driver Gary Webb:

“It is with great sadness that I have to inform the rally community that Gary Webb, passed away Monday night, November 7, while returning to Arizona from the Covered Bridge 50thAnnual Road Rally weekend in Mt Snow, Vermont.

I received a call from his wife Glenda on Tuesday morning, asking me to send out this note letting people know that Gary passed away from a possible stroke.  After arriving from the airport in Las Vegas Monday night he drove to his office in Laughlin, Nevada with his nephew to pick-up his car and passed away while driving to his home in Mohave Valley, Arizona.

Over the weekend at the event in Vermont, Gary was honored by New England Region (NER) SCCA for his 40 years of membership and service with the club.  During that time Gary participated in several hundred rallies.  Winning both Pro-Rallies, TSD rallies and endurance events like the Alcan 5000 which he won a record five times.  The Alcan 5000 is a nine-day endurance event starting in Seattle and ending in Alaska conducted in both the summer and winter.  He won the summer event twice and the winter event three times.  Gary was the Rallymaster of the NER’s 24 hour Tri-State rally back in the 80s, the Atlantic 1000 rally in New York State/Canada and Arizona.

Gary originally from New Jersey moved to Maine where he met and married Glenda, his wife for over 43 years.  While in Maine he and his wife founded Atlantic Driving School, which specialized in Driver Education for local school districts, before moving to Arizona almost 18 years ago and opening Atlantic Driving School AZ.

Services will be held in Mohave Valley on December 3rd, more details to follow.”


The loss of Gary Webb certainly does put a black cloud over this past weekend.

If you have any comments or questions about this post, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email message at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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