My Saab 99 Is Going To A New Home

It was very disappointing today.  My son-in-law, Mike, had made arrangements for my 1979 Saab 99 to be shipped to a local, well-known Saab expert to have a few long outstanding to-do items finished by someone who actually knows what they are doing.  This had all the appearances of being a red-letter day.  After Mike had got the car to the Saab expert, Mike called me and said that they had the car up on a hoist and the conclusion was that I had a “parts car”.  Some good parts; but a parts car none-the-less.  This day then started to head in a direction that I did not expect.


My 1979 Saab 99, RIP

Mike’s pictures that he sent to me confirmed the diagnosis.  Putting more money into this car would be madness.  However there was one glimmer of hope for me.  The Saab expert knew of another unfortunate Saab 99 owner who had recently had some transmission problems and could use some other Saab 99 parts.  After some further communication between Mike and the other Saab owner, my Saab parts car is now heading to a new a new home.

This is disappointing, as I had started the day thinking that this car would soon be on the road – just a matter of days.  I would soon be driving this unique car – now it’s over, it won’t happen.  There is an empty space in my garage, as well as my heart.

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5 Responses to My Saab 99 Is Going To A New Home

  1. Dan Alven says:

    Cheer up Steve, you will soon enjoying another Swedish car in 2017 Hysteric Monte Carlo Rally!!

    • Hi Dan,
      I look forward to sitting with you in your Volvo at the upcoming Rallye Monte Carlo Historique. Your Volvo has certainly been well prepared. My Saab just had too much corrosion in critical areas.
      Steve McKelvie

  2. Steve Keller says:

    How disappointing! Know you were looking forward to putting miles underneath you in that car.
    Steve Keller

  3. Greg G says:

    Sad Saab story indeed.

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