Information About Ontario Hill Climb History

Recently I posted a story about the recent Brack Hill Climb held at Inglis Falls near Owen Sound, Ontario.  This post noted that automotive hill climbs had been absent from Ontario motorsports for about 50 years.  This past week I got an email message from J. Scott Morris of Simcoe, Ontario who provided me with some history of hill climbs in Ontario.  One of the last hill climbs in Ontario was an annual hill climb that was held near Hockley, Ontario.  It appears that this event was last run in 1962.  This information is of particular interest to me as Hockley is only a few miles from my home town of Shelburne, Ontario.

Scott sent me the image below of an article that was published in the Orangeville newspaper about a hill climb tribute “revival” that was held in 2012.  Evidently this gathering is held on an annual basis.  The “revival” is not a competitive event, but a tribute to the hill climbs that were held there.


Story About The 2012 Hockley Hill Climb Revival

An outline of Ontario Hill Climb history can be found at the following link.  There is an interesting picture of Bill Sadler in the days before he built his Sadler race cars:

Scott pointed out that on the first Thursday of every July, a group of British car enthusiasts re-enact the Hockley Hill Climb.  This is not a competitive event as all rules of the road are obeyed and the hill is climbed one car at a time.  The details of this can be seen at the website for the Headwaters British Car Club.  Click on the following link:


I want to thank Scott Morris for sending me this information about the history of hill climbs in Ontario.

If you have any comments or questions about this post, then please leave a comment below or you can send me a private email at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net

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2 Responses to Information About Ontario Hill Climb History

  1. EvanG says:

    Under the first URL above, one of the title photos shows an MG, registration AEC 663.
    Frank Mount is still competing in vintage racing with that car, a 1939 TB special.

    • Hi Evan,
      Frank Mount of Caledon, Ontario had this 1939 MG TB at the Lime Rock Historic Festival on Labor Day weekend. I took several pictures of this car at this time. It is a nice car.
      Steve McKelvie

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