Another MG Arnolt Siting!

I don’t often see a MG Arnolt.  These were American/English/Italian cars which were made in 1953/54.  I posted some background information on these cars on this website back in April 11, 2012 and again on May 21, 2012.  I had not seen one since that time until last weekend when David West of Ontario brought his MG Arnolt to the Lime Rock Historic Festival.


David West’s 1954 MG Arnolt

To reiterate the basic story of the MG Arnolt cars; they were the brain child of Stanley Howard Arnolt, who was a British car dealer in Chicago, Illinois.  The MG Arnolt cars began with a rolling chassis from a MG TD.  These chassis were sent to Bertone in Italy, where for final assembly a Bertone-styled body was added to the MG TD chassis.  The cars were then sent to Arnolt in Chicago for the retail market.


The Lines Of The MG Arnolts Are Much Smoother Than The MG TD

Many references refer to Stanley Arnolt as “Wacky” Arnolt.  I don’t understand that.  Who would not want to own one of these cars?   In addition, I suspect that the vast majority of MG TD owners would trade their MG TD for a MG Arnolt.  These are very attractive cars.


The Interior Has Only A Slight MG Look

This particular MG Arnolt has seen a lot of driving, but still has its original paint.  The storyboard placed with the car notes that it was driven coast-to-coast in 1986 and in 2012 it was used on a 2,000 mile trip around the Great Lakes.  It’s good to know that the car is driven, but it likely has seen no Ontario winters.  By the way, the story board states that this is the only MG Arnolt in Canada.


This MG Arnolt Is Driven Frequently

Only very few of these cars were built.  A total of 103 MG Arnolt cars have been documented as being built between 1953 and 1954 (67 coupes and 36 convertibles).  The production of the MG Arnolt ended when the production of the MG TD was shut down for the production of the MG TF.


The Styling Is Definitely Early 1950s Italian

I like these cars and I was pleased to see one of these cars again at the Lime Rock Historic Festival.

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One Response to Another MG Arnolt Siting!

  1. Back in the mid sixties there was one sitting in a parking lot on Wilshire Blvd, in Beverly Hills, for months. I tried to track the owner since it appeared abandoned. No luck. It eventually was scrapped. Sad.

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