The Lancia D50 At The 2016 Lime Rock Historic Festival

On June 30, 2016 I posted a story on this website about the Lancia D50 that was raced at the vintage races at the Thompson Motor Speedway this year in Thompson, Connecticut.  I was pleased that Bob Melhado sent me some photos of car that he took that day.  Bob Melhado, who is the Chief Steward of the racing at the Lime Rock Historic Festival told me that the Lancia D50 would be taking part in the racing at Lime Rock Historic Festival, so this was an extra special reason to attend the Lime Rock event this year.  I was not disappointed – the Lancia D50 was there.


Lancia D50

I won’t reproduce all of the information about this car that I previously wrote, therefore I recommend that you check out my initial post about this car on June 30, 2016.


The Side Tanks Are The Dominant Visual Feature Of The Lancia D50

Apparently the side tanks in this car are not used when racing this car these days.


This Lancia D50 Has The Ferrari Prancing Horse On It

Due to financial difficulties at Lancia, Lancia was essentially forced to give all of their race cars to Ferrari and Juan Manuel Fangio subsequently won the World Driving Championship in a Ferrari-badged Lancia D50.


The Side Tanks Help To Lower The Height Of The Car

I was not at Lime Rock for the racing part of the weekend, therefore I did not get a chance to hear this car, but I’m sure that it would sound Italian.


The Lancia D50 Cockpit Has Minimal Gauges

For a front engine car, the Lancia D50 has a low profile.  The rather large open grille would be needed to help with engine cooling.


Notice How The Side Tanks Line Up With The Wheels

Seeing this car was a special experience and I was glad to have the opportunity to do so. My thanks to Bob Melhado!

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